Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I'm Here!

I know I've been gone awhile, but  I'm back LOL.  First thing I want to update you on my Aerogarden.  It's doing pretty good, but I want to get my plants transplanted outside, however it's still chilly here in Maryland so it's gonna be a little while before that happens.  Here's what my plants look like today:

It's another day..didn't get to finish what I started in the above paragraph.  Since, Donald has had foot surgery (three days ago) so I've been waiting on him, cooking meals, and doing his chores, too.  I'm bushed.  He goes to the doctor for post surgery check up in three days. 

Weather here is still chilly...come on spring/summer.  I don't care anymore just want some warm air so I can get some plants outside. 

Okay, that's it for now.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Started Gardening!!

I started my garden indoors with my aerogarden.  I have pepper, cucumber, squash and I'm gonna add strawberries today.  I wanted to start my garden last month (Feb.) but the pump on the aerogarden wasn't working so Donald had to order a new one.  I'm glad he fixed it and now I'm good to go.  I plan to transfer my plants outside...that is, if it EVER gets warm.  I think spring up and left...maybe he took a vacation this year.  I just wish it would warm up.  I'm tired of being stuck in the house or freezing when I go outside.  But you know what's probably gonna happen?  We go from the cold weather to intense heat.  One day it will be 40 or so and then boom! it will watch.  Just want to enjoy some nice days sitting outside in the warmth, reading a book or watching nature.  It's so calming.

Tomorrow is my birthday.  I'm not embarrased to admit I'll be 56.  I can't even imagine..typing that is so weird.  My mom died when she was 56.  For me, that's an awful number.  I try to remember I'm in better health than my mom was {I believe}, so I still have years ahead of me.  But the truth is, none of us know if we have tomorrow.  We want to believe we have time on earth forever, but it's not the truth.  Our days are numbered. 

So on Sunday Adam surprised us with a visit.  So, some birthday presents I was saving to open tomorrow I opened Sunday:

My New Camera

My Yarn Winder

I'm demonstrating the yarn winder

The finished product!
My thought for this is so I can wind up all my small balls of yarn and neatly be able to stack them in a orderly fashion instead of having round balls of yarn rolling all over the craft room.  Winding the yarn makes a flat bottom and they sit flat and can be stackable. 

I have so much decluttering and organizing AND cleaning to do.  Some days I'm gon-ho to get it done and other days  I don't know where to be begin.

Speaking of which Donald is home and now it's time to start dinner.