Thursday, July 18, 2013

Been Stay'in Inside

Just when you think this summer was gonna be cold and rainy, here comes the heat!  Two weeks ago temperatures were okay and I was outside fixing things up and cutting things down = beautifying!  All this while Meghan was away in Ireland:



Fence Before
Fence After

Cleaning the pond

Pond after...just needs fish and plants

One of two pepper plants I bought

Second pepper plant

Our miniature peach tree

Our peaches

 We were waiting for our peaches to get a little softer before we picked them, however a groundhog got to them before us.  :(  So maddening when animals take one or two bits out of the fruit and got to the next one.  It's a waste. 

Meghan got home from Ireland just fine.  Well, not exactly.  She came back with an ear infection and bronchitis.   She was on antibiotics when she left for Ireland and had to get more when she got back.  But, she had a great time!  She loved the church they were working for.  She said she could live in Ireland and I told her no way she is.  Hahah.  It's hard to let go of the kids no matter how old they are. 

Door to door letting the neighbors know about Elevate
Donald is still home on disability, but his foot is healing somewhat.  He's now at the point of his disability where his company doesn't have to keep his position any longer.  It scares me because I don't know what we'd do if he didn't have his job.  Well let me restate that, God will take care of us.  I do put my trust in Him.  It would just make things easier if Donald still has a job! :)

Blessings for now