Friday, January 27, 2012

Car Accident

I wanted to wait until I got pictures to post before I wrote this.  The other night, I think it was Wednesday at around 1:30 in the morning I was watching tv when all of a sudden the tv went off and right outside my bedroom window there was a large 'light' and a loud boom!  That's never happened before.  I knew something happened to the electricity, but didn't know what.  We have our computers/tv on backup battery packs, so when the electricity went off all the battery packs started beeping.  I went around the house with my flashlight turning everything off.  I looked outside through the living room window with my flashlight to see if the electric wires went down and I down at the end of our driveway the pole was leaning.  I went to wake up dh and told him what happened.  I said I was getting my clothes on (because I was in my pjs) and going outside to see why the pole was leaning.  As I stepped outside onto the porch I heard someone screaming.  Dh didn't have his shoes on and he was talking to me, but I was yelling at him that someone was screaming.  Now, it's very dark down here at the house without lights.  So all I had was the flashlight.  I proceeded to walk up the driveway, all the while I was scared because I didn't know what I was getting myself into, in the dark, yet I knew I had to see what was going on.  I got to the top of the driveway when I saw a car had crashed into the telephone pole.  I didn't see anyone outside the car, yet they were yelling for help.  I ran down the driveway, into the house, got on the phone and called 911.  Then I went back up the driveway.  By this time dh was getting his shoes on.  When I got back up the driveway I stayed on the other side of it while I shined my light into the car.  I told the person in there that I called for help and he said thank you, but he was screaming in pain.  His leg was pinned under the dashboard.  The driver's door wouldn't open.  The guy was screaming in pain, asking us to help get him out, but we couldn't and we just kept reassuring him that help on the way.  It seemed like forever before rescue showed up.  But, they did get there and started cutting him out of the car.  When they got him out of the car, his leg was mangled.  I didn't smell any alcohol on his breath, so I don't know if he fell asleep or what.  Here's pictures of the car:

I didn't take these pictures.  Rescue did and I got it off their website. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cell Phone Accident

Ds was at a hockey game with his sister having a grea time when he got a phone call from the city police officer that he knew informing ds that his car just got totalled. Ds loves his car.  The thing is that his car was minding it's own business, parked in front of the house when a teenage driver dropped his cell-phone on the floor of his car and, yes, you guessed it, went to reach for it, crossed lanes and hit ds's car. 

DS called the insurance company.  Today he had his car towed to the repair shop.  The mechanic said it's gonna be 'close' as there is a rod in there, that if bent, may have to total the car.  DS is hoping it's not bent.  And wouldn't you know, ds makes his last car payment in June.  But isn't that always the way?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Steeple Chase

Today our motorcycle group went on a steeple chase...hence, a church visit.  Once a month we are trying to visit a church that none of us attend, to let the community know that all bikers are not bad.  In fact, there are Christian bikers that spreads the Word of God. We were welcomed in the church and had quite a few people asking us about our association.  That's awesome. Here's a picture of our group that the preacher took of us:

After church we went to eat at a pizza place called Cetrone's:

I asked the waiter to take the picture, but he said he doesn't take good pictures so he went in the back to find the delivery guy.  Hahaha.  The guy wanted to know where the pictures were going.  Strange.  We had a great day!  We couldn't ride of our motorcycles, of course, but we had a great time anyway.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Back From State College, Pennsylvania

This past weekend dh and I went to our annual leadership meeting for our Christian Motorcyclists Association.  We travel to State College, PA every January.  We meet with hundreds of other CMA leaders to get updated information and to learn what new things will be coming up during the year.  It never fails, either that ever year we've gone to leadership meeting it was either snowing or snowed when we got there.

This is what we woke up to the next morning.

Our room was down this hall and the hall was freezing.  There is no heat in these hallways and it's like being outside.

We always stopped by Ollie's store to buy books, but this year I wasn't feeling so good and I was shocked that there weren't as many books this time.  I did get a few however.

This year I was so glad to get home.  Usually I look forward to this time away, but I guess I am having an off year.

Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Goals

SmileyIt's really that time of year where I make my resolutions goals.  I should have had them done by now, but honestly I'm not even sure what it is I'm suppose to do and what I want to do.  However, one thing I AM doing is going to the pregnancy clinic to talk to a certain person about volunteering there.  I have already taken their 10 week course on volunteering, so I am a little anxious.  But, we'll see what comes out of it.  I think this is something I want to do...but....we'll see what comes of it.

I am also in the process of opening an etsy shop.  I had one opened before, but never had any merchandise in it.  It's kind of nerve racking putting stuff up for sale and nobody is interested in it.  I'm just saying...not that I know, but I'm my own worse enemy. 

We got our first snow of the year today.

I'm glad that it wasn't very much.  It didn't stick to the roads, but it sure did make it feel like winter here and it's so pretty!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who's Got the Guts Ride

Today was our annual motorcycle ride entitled Who's Got the Guts Ride.  It's called that because it's the first of the year so who's got the guts to ride their motorcycles in the cold.  The last four times I've been on the ride it's been in the upper 50's and one it was even 70 degrees.  So a lot of people had the guts.  Hahah.  Here's some pictures of this year's ride:

This is helmet hair!!

We rode to the Rod n Reel.  It was a buffet breakfast.  I am trying to start the new year off right so all I had was fruit.  It filled me up, but by the time I got home I was hungry again so I had some left over roast beef and potatoes that I made last night.  Yum!  Now, I need a nap.  LOL