Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Day of 2012

I can't believe the year 2012 is almost gone.  Seems like we just celebrated a new year and boom! it's gone already. 

I will say that I messed up with New Year's Resoluations last year.  I seem to be eager to start a new way of life, i.e. declutter and organize, yet I poop out along the way after awhile.  But, I must keep my eye on the prize which is a more comfortable surrounding. 

If I had to pick two words this year to define me, it has to be DECLUTTER and ORGANIZE. That's going to be my mission this year.  :)

I've also already started working on crochet afghans for my bil's nursing home ministry.  I want to get at least 15 done this year.  

I also think this year I'd like to join a crochet group or something.  A co-ed Bible group would be nice, but so many at church are either men or women's group.  Sometimes, however, I get tired of hearing women's point of view and I like to see things from the man's point of view.  I do really 'love' Jon Courson's teaching.  He is the pastor of ApplegateFellowship Church in Oregon.  I think I mentioned before that I've first started listening to him in the 80's or 90's on the radio.  Then one day I turned on the radio for my Bible lesson and he was no longer on there.  I was so disappointed.  However, I just started listening to him again and watching his videos and I get so much from him.  He has a lesson on Revelation, too and he simplifies so much.  

I've also have been debating whether or not to use my family's real names when blogging.  I have decided to go ahead and do so because they are all over the internet anyway.   So with that being said,  my dd Meghan hosted a family Christmas party yesterday and it was great fun.  It's very nice to have family around once in awhile, especially those you don't see too often.  

I need to go and get some sleep as it's 5:04am.  I'm a night owl...while the rest of the family sleeps I'm up.  I've always been that way..don't know why.  But my dad worked night work...he couldn't adjust to working in the daytime so I think it's a gene I inherited from him. LOL


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I just wanted to drop in here to say that I had a great Christmas.  I'm almost back to my old self which is good.  The kids were here this afternoon  to open presents and my son gave me a Samsung note which I'm typing on right now. It's awesome.  I can keep this little thing in my room.  My lap top is usually in the family room because I like to play games on it, but when I come to bed I like to listen to Jon Courson who is the pastor at Applegate Fellowship and I lik to watch his videos.  I was doing all that on my ipod which was  okay as long as I had my magnifying glasses on (haha), but this little table is great for seeing the screen.  Also, I don't have to keep dragging my laptop from one room to another (am I lazy or what?).  I thank my son  for getting me the note and husband for the keyboard.  

And my beautiful daughter got me a firepit!  Now,  what was I saying about my homemade fire pit I made from an old grill for the husband's birthday in October?  And so I asked if anyone wanted to go make a fire they said no.  Well, geez!  Hahah  I can't wait to make some fire outside and have fun. 

I've already thought about New Year's resoluations.  Actually, this year I'm sorta excited about them.  No like me at all; but I think getting my life back on track like I used to be a long time ago I will be happier way down in my soul.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Feeling Better, but...

Well, I'm feeling a little better today, but not totally back to my old self.  I'm still tired and would rather just stay in bed then to get up and get things done.  But, I won't..stay in bed, that is. 

On Friday dd has her company Christmas party in Virginia and she invited her daddy to go with her this year.  Dd has invited her brother, me and now her daddy.  How exciting she can do that.  For dh's Christmas party he was able to take both dd and dds, so that was exciting for them, too. 

I wanted to go to ICE at the harbor center this year.  Last year was awesome.  This year's theme is Shrek...ds loves Shrek.  Hopefully we can schedule it so he can go, too.  With him being a police officer and on shift work we never know when he'll be able to spend time with us.  When you go through the ice show it is 9 cold, but you get this huge blue parkas to wear.  I have a problem with them because they just came off other people and I'm sort of a germ person, so I have to just concentrate on being warm and not on what I have on if that makes sense. 
This is all done in beautiful and interesting for sure.  Love it.  Yeah, it cost $$ to get in but it's a winter wonderland.

I haven't baked any cookies or goodies so far, but hoping to get that done with weekend.  I need to get to the store for some eggs and other stuff.  I have to wait until payday, though.

I have gotten almost all my Christmas cards out.  I have one more to send and a birthday card.  Will do that tonight.

I think I might have spaghetti supplies in my cabinet for dinner tonight.  Will probably make that when dh gets home.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I am Sick, Again

This has been a rough year for me.  I am sick again.  I have pharyngitis and am on antibiotic.  Now my nose is totally stuffed up and I have a sinus headache.  When there is so much to do trying to get last minute stuff together.  GRR 

The shooting at Sandy Hook is a tragedy.  I have lost a child due to a terminal illness and I know the feeling of lost.  It doesn't matter how a child is lost; a parent shouldn't have to bury a child, period.  But what people don't understand that somewhere in their neighborhood thousands of children are being killed even before birth and that's what makes this a tragedy, to me.  Obama, on the one hand is saying these children who were killed had their whole lives ahead of them.  But on the other hand he is in bed with Planned Parenthood supporting them to kill children.  Obama even said that he wouldn't want his daughters in an unwanted pregnancy and basically said he would want them to abort.  Now, how can you believe a person who is supporting Planned Parenthood yet goes to a town whose children were slaughtered and talk like it's such a shame?  Stupid.  This is why the world is messed up (including the people in it!).

Well, I better get busy getting things done around here.  I go laundry and dishes and presents to complete.   

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Money Envelopes {the originals}

With the hipe of the Dave Ramsey's cash envelopes, I just wanted you to know who the person was that invented this concept {as far as I'm aware of}.  Larry Burkett, who was a Christian financial person and who had Christian Financial Concepts which turned into Crown Ministries is the one who had financial envelopes. 
Cash Organizer
This is a picture of his envelopes.  I have one of them.  Years ago I bought one for my daughter who wasn't interested in using it.  But when dh and I took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University course and we would tell dd about how to budget, etc and that Dave offered the envelope concept, dd dug out her envelope system from Larry Burkett.  And she is still using it to this day.  This is what is really keeping her on track!! 

Larry Burkett was a great man.  He never bought anything new, especially cars.  He always bought used.  Dave Ramsey has taken Larry's concepts and remarketed them and now people think he's the one who came up with this idea.  It's not.  I just wanted to give Larry Burkett the credit.  Larry passed away from cancer years ago, but he wrote some great books on money.  He had a radio show that was called Money Matters.  It was a great show. 

Crown now has this concept of the money map.  Again, they had the money map before Dave Ramsey.  I'm not slamming Ramsey, just saying that he remarketed what Larry Burkett already had. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

This Christmas Season I'm Getting Ready

Here is our Christmas tree this year.  And it's just fine with me!  Our dd had her Bible Group ladies here last weekend for their Christmas get-together and she needed a tree for her living room.  "Take our tree, I told her.  And so she did!  She bought her own bulbs for it and made it a country Christmas tree and to tell you the truth that tree never looked so good!  Call me a scrooge, but the thought of dragging out the tree, decorations and fighting with the lights to get them to work was tiring to me.  :)  So I'm just fine with having a little tree that still lights up and looks good, yet I can put in a box when the season is over and put in the closet.  And we are having Christmas morning at dd's place (downstairs), so that's fine, too. 

I have been making my own Christmas cards.  It's a great way to recycle last year's cards.  I love reusing things such as these and love doing the crafty thing, too.  It's fun.  This year I'm not stressing out and working a little at a time on it.  I'm halfway through making them, got some shopping done, too so I'm way ahead of the game.  Oh, and I also mailed off a Christmas packaged for my great nephews which I usually mail late and the presents usually arrive after Christmas.  So I'm feeling good about myself right now.

Tomorrow night dh is taking dd and ds to his Christmas party.  I'm hoping they have a great time and make memories!!  Last year dd took dd to his Christmas party and she ended up winning the grand prize--a 42" flat screen hd tv!!  We couldn't believe it but at a time in her life when she needed something nice this is what she got!  It was exciting and awesome and the hundreds of people that were at the party were all jealous of her.  Hahah.  They all wanted the grand prize! 

On another note, you might remember my sad story about my purple car last year.  Well, dh uses it for work, however, the other day he came home and said the brake lines were leaking and so it got parked until we get enough money to get the brake lines.  Then last Tues dh called me from work to tell me his truck, which he was driving to work, broke a water hose and so that truck is now parked.  So, guess who is home stuck without a vehicle AGAIN??  History likes to repeat itself, doesn't it? 

I wondered if something else was gonna break down (Murphy's law, right) and sure enough the dishwasher decided to stop washing the dishes.  *sigh*  Poor dh, he's beginning to feel overwhelmed.