Sunday, September 30, 2012

This month has been Kid's Birthday Month.  How strange it is that both my youngest kids were born in September. My ds was due on September 5, but he decided to wait until the 27th to be born.  And then, my daughter did the same thing.  She was due August the 12th but waited until September the 6th.  And I knew exactly when I got pregnant with both so there was no miscalculations on the dates.  How ob care has changed since the '80's.  We didn't get sonograms unless something was wrong with the pregnancy.  We didn't know the sex of the baby, either. 
Here are a few pictures of dd's birthday:
Dd wanted tacos for her birthday dinner.

Brothers always buy the best presents! (Tom Tom)

And here is ds's birthday:
We went out for pizza at Centrone's.

Where has the time gone??

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Roy Rogers the Restaurant

This town used to have a Roy Rogers Restaurant.  Oh it was so nice to drive right down the street to get a holster of french fries and a burger.  I love Roy Rogers burgers.  But then one day RR closed it's doors and the nearest one was almost an hour away in LaPlata, MD.  And only once in awhile we'd go there when the mood struck.  Then, they closed their doors!  Now, the closes Roy Roger is about an hour and a half or so away.  Today the RR Bugs struck me.  I wanted to go for a ride and thought RR's would be good for dinner and so off we went. 

After eating we went further down the road to the water. 

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Night at the County Fair!

Just about every year we go to the county fair.  It's the oldest fair in Maryland...celebrating it's 170th birthday this year.  Since the fair almost always starts on dd's birthday {9-6}, it was kinda birthday thing we did for dd.  But dh's and my anniversary is on the 9th {34 years this year!} so going to the fair kinda celebrates two birds with one stone.  Hahah.  Tonight we went.  Dh's cousin works the fair and whenever he sees us we get in for free.  That's awesome! 

First thing we did tonight at the fair was to get our fair hot dogs.  I always have to get one.  I don't really know why I think those hot dogs taste better than any others. 

I always enjoy looking at the crafts and picking up information about our county services. We usually get free pens, pencils, bag clips which are very useful items around here.  This year we got a lot of nicer stuff than we've gotten before.  Dh got a free wind up flashlight; I got a alarm/calculator clock, reusable bags and all the usual pens, pencils, bag clips...all for free!  I love free things. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Starting Over

I bought a book today of how to destress your life...little things you can do to get rid of the junk that eats at you (and the people that hate on you).  As I was reading through it just brought things that I used to do when dh and I was first married.  When one gets married they have the whole world as a slate...dreams, goals, etc.  On the other end of being married for so long, all those things are behind ya.  But by acomplishing all those dreams and goals comes junk with it.  And slowly, one loses who they were and little things in life that made them happy.  What I'm saying is that dh and I used to walk through the woods behind our house and scratch things on trees when we were newlyweds.  Now, dh is handicapped and can hardly walk, so we don't do that anymore.  It's those little things such as this that I talk about.  But, those are the things that were enjoyable and over the years have come to a close.  It's like waking up one day and finding yourself in another world.  It's like what happened?

So I was thinking about I was reading through this book how nice it would be to just get back to the basics of life.  For instead, I used grow a large garden and can my food.  I don't do it anymore.  I used to sew my kids clothes...I don't do that anymore because they are grown now.  I used to be sufficient; never really buying things I could grow or make myself, but that's not me anymore.  I have lost myself.

As I read through this book, I wanna get back to ME!  I need to shake of the dust and find ME underneath!