Monday, July 18, 2016

Getting Back on the Horse Again!

     So where do I begin?  Do I say I'm back like so many other times?  How about if you are just surprised at a new posting?  I have been living life, sorta.  I haven't been out of the country or anything like that.  I have just neglected sharing my life.  But I hope that will change a little bit now.  

     Even though it's been quite a few months, I can't remember everything that's happened, but I can tell you a couple of things that have impacted my heart.  September 2015 Donald and I went on an rv trip to Georgia.  It started off good, but at the rv park we stayed at was infested with ants.  Oh my goodness.  They got into the rv and that was infested.  I'm not talking a few ants, I'm talking they were in every single place, corner, bed, etc in the rv.  Millions of them.  We even brought them back home with us.  Okay, what a nightmare, but the heartbreak happens when we get  home and our beloved cat Angel had gone missing.  We had Angel for 15 years.  He was an indoor, mostly outdoor cat.  He never liked being inside.  He found us when he was a kitten, but he just never took to living inside.  I don't know why.  Anyway, there was no trace of him and he never left the perimeter of the house.  We searched the woods, the shed...etc.  But he is gone.  It's been a year and he's gone. 

     Now, we had another cat, Splash who lived indoor outdoor.  She was a scary cat, but she was always so brave to go outside.  Had her for 15 years.  One evening I let her outside months after Angel vanished and then she vanished.  Can't believe it.  

     And very recently in May, our son's cat Roy went missing, too.  We had Roy for 14 years.  It's heartbreaking.  No sign of them anywhere and I checked with the animal shelter and nothing.  I don't understand it.  So my heart has been heavy.  When a family member is no longer there, your heart breaks.  Mine has been.  No knowing what happened to them hurts because you think horrible thoughts about what could have been their end.  :(

     Now for what's happening in the present.  Our son is moving back home.  He is in the process of home buying, but needed a placed for now.  The only room we had for him was our family room.  So we moved all the furniture over to one side and he is living on the other.  Crazy.  Boom a rang kids.  Isn't that what they are called?  Never expected my kids to still be here in their 30's, but I love them and will help them as much as I can.  It's unconditional.  

     So the daughter is still here, too.  Probably for another year.  Then her life might change.  We'll see.

     The house is in real need of some TLC.  Needs major painting and cleaning.  The other day Donald and I were sitting outside looking around the house and he said, "this place is beginning to look like old people live here."  And I said, "you're right, we are getting old."  I never thought when I was young and vibrant that one day I would no longer have the energy to do daily things that need doing.  It's not only tiring, but it's mentally exhausting.  But you have to keep moving along.

   Well, it's getting late now.  Until later...