Sunday, June 30, 2013

So Many Blessings!

Sometimes I just can't believe how time flies by.  Here it is the last day of June and only four more days until the 4th of July.  Wow. 

First of all, Meghan left for Ireland on a missions trip on Friday.  Last year her church went to Ireland but she felt she couldn't leave work.  Knowing about the trip this year she was able to make arrangements at work and get off!  If that wasn't a blessing in itself, her whole trip has been sponsored.  She was able to raise more than enough money to pay for the trip and was even able to help others in her group that were short on money, enabling them to be able to go to Ireland!  Isn't that awesome??  God is so good!  She can't even believe it.  Me, being the worried mama, I had to track their plane to make sure it got there in Ireland okay. Here's some of the pictures I took from flight tracker:

Mosaic Church Missions Group heading to New Jersey to pick up their flight for Ireland

Now they are flying towards Ireland!
Heading towards Ireland!
They have arrived!!

Here's Meghan picture---Goodbye America, Hello Ireland:

How exciting!!  I know God is blessing them all.  Meghan and her group has already been out distributing flyers in the neighborhoods.

Today we got to Facetime which I really love because here she is across the ocean and we talked as if she was in the next room.  Just awesome.  She looked tired, but the time difference is that they are six hours ahead of us and I think the group has jet lag.  But, hey, they are doing God's work.

After getting to talk to Meghan our friends, who used to live next door to us, called to tell us they are expecting.  How exciting!!!  They are two people who are really soul mates; they fit together so well.  She has always had a heart to adopt, but once they got looking into it, they realized they just didn't have the money.  Although they still want to adopt, they decided to try and have a child of their own first.  They are now 9 weeks along.  I'm just so happy for them.  They are also in the process of buying their first home, so life is just awesome for them!  I so remember those days and sometimes I'd give a little something just to go back there.  When you have your dreams ahead of you it's so exciting!!

The Happy Couple

 One day last week Donald and I sat out on the porch for awhile just to relax.  Then I remembered we had a watermelon in the frig so it was a very nice summer evening.

There is nothing better than going outside and picking food to eat.  It's just awesome.  I've always enjoyed growing my own food.  In an earlier post I showed you the plants I was growing in my Aerogarden and now I can show you the fruits of my labor (haha):

Here is a cucumber that grew and I cut it up and put it on salads that I made for dinner one night:
That is also home grown lettuce.  I don't usually like home grown lettuce because it tastes like grass to me, but this lettuce had a nice flavor to it.  I'm not sure what kind it is, but I need to check and make note so I can grow it again next year.

I also got a squash an cooked it for dinner last night:

The onion you see in the pan I also grew in the garden.  Free food, good and nutritious.  Sweet!

The weather here has been thunderstorms and rainy inbetween sunny days.  Temperatures haven't been bad. 

Blessings for now!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Favorite "toy"

For years and years (yes, it's been that long), at a time when I lost myself, my craft room grew and grew to the point where I mentally couldn't even think of how I would begin to organize it.  I had way too much yarn and no place to put it.  Over the years, I would go into the room in an attempt to clean it up, but I ended up just moving stuff from one stop to another.  I mean, it was so frustrating!!  Then, somehow, a light bulb went off and I have done quite a bit of organizing and cleaning up (and throwing away) stuff I no longer use.  Do you want to know what my light bulb moment was?  My yarn winder.  Honestly.  When I got that 'tool' (see post below) I was excited getting it because I thought I'd finally get all those scraps balls of yarn wound up and stacked instead of just stuck in bags.  Wow.  Once I started winding yarn, well, I haven't stopped yet.  I will be posting pictures soon, too.

So yesterday I was winding more yarn when I asked Donald what his most favorite tool was.  He finally admitted that a tool that used to be his dad was his favorite.  Then he asked me what mine was.  I told him that after my sewing machine, it was definitely my yarn winder!

I do have to admit that when our daughter moved into the basement apartment, she was giving some stuff away that she didn't need anymore.  One item she was done with was a sweater shelf thingy that  hangs in a closet.  I kept looking at that thing wondering what I could do with it.  Finally, I decided I was going to lay that thing out lengthwise and fill my yarn skeins in it.  So I have three of them on my shelves.  That has really helped with my organizing, too.  

Stay tuned for pictures!