Friday, October 10, 2014

I Don't Have a Good Title for This

Do you watch the Homicide Hunter?  Lt. Joe Kenda...he says, "well my, my, my."  Hahah  I'm starting to pick up that saying. 

So much has been happening here at the Green House Homestead that I don't know where to begin.  Well, on second thought, maybe I do.

I'm gonna go through what I can remember.  {Can't believe I've been away so long!!}  Okay, so the kitten we found last year started to grow up and she got pregnant.  She was due to deliver sometime in July.  At the beginning of the month of July is appeared that something was going on with her, so I took her to the vets who did an x-ray.  We saw three kittens!!  However, the doc said her temperature hadn't risen, so she didn't expect them to be there until another week.  So we waited and waited and one evening when Donald and I came home from eating out, Charlotte (the expectant mother) was in a box we had around the house.  I was so excited, it was time!  She was having a discharge so I knew it would be that night.  Anyway, I put her in my bedroom so I could keep an eye or two on her.  For a few hours she acted like she was in labor; she stayed in her box and was having a bloody discharge, but after a few hours, Charlotte jumped out of her box and acted like nothing had happened.  Not a good sign.  Now I'm thinking what I should do because we just spent $100+ on her with the x-rays and all.  Well, I waited and waited until I fell asleep.  When I woke up the next morning Charlotte was walking around not acting like she was gonna deliver.  I knew something was wrong, so I took her to the emergency hospital and explained the last few days to the dr.  Long story short, Charlotte ended up getting a c-section.  Her uterus was badly infected that the kittens fluid was nothing but pus they were in.  The vet techs worked on the kittens for over an hour getting them to breathe because they were full of infection.  Unfortunately, we lost one of the kittens.  So sad; I was really heartbroken. But two kittens did make it and they are happy babies now.  

Now, after coming home from taking another cat to the vets, our oldest 16 year old girl had this yucky stuff on her back.  I didn't know at first if she rubbed up against a bush and had gotten something on her or what until I got closer to her and realized it was pus.  On my gosh, I picked her up to examine the spot and I barely touched it when pus was gushing out of the wound.  She had a big hole in her back.  And it was infected.  I took her into the house, put on some gloves, got out my peroxide and cotton balls and me and Donald started working on her wound.  But the infection was so deep and she had so much pus in her little body it was unreal.  So I called the vets and asked them if they could fit me in which they did.  After we got there and the dr. took care of the wound they said they couldn't believe how much infection she had in her.  And needless to say, this cat we have been treating for and eye problem. She's been to the specialist a few times.  In between all this, another cat got a paw infection and we are so broke now it's crazy.  Savings is almost gone.  But what can you do?  Ya gotta take care of your pets..they are part of the family.

So....the construction has started in front of the house.  No more do we have a beautiful field to look at.  It's a huge hole in the ground.  A sentiment pond is what it's called.  It's suppose to catch all the water from the huge-mon-gous truck stop/gas station/store they are building in the front of the house and to the right.  The company who doing the work has been asking us to sell the house, but we are not spring chickens anymore and we have finally gotten the house the way we want it.  At my age, I just can't see us packing up this place and moving, although tons of people my age are doing it.  Maybe I'm just lazy...but no, the truth is when Donald and I bought this house we had just gotten married.  Well, we actually bought it a few days before we got married and we said we will live in this house until we died.  We never had plans to ever move.  We are the kind of people that when we put our roots down we don't dig them back up.  That's just how we are.  So now we have to deal with all this construction.  {I'll post pictures in another post.}

So, between the cats health problems and construction going on, the budget has been super tight and I've had to put up with my house shaking and trucks all day long.  

But things could be so much worse, couldn't it?  I have to be thankful I'm alive, I have my health, things are normal which if things weren't normal it would be awful.

Just wanted to catch you up  a little bit.