Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time For An Update

Hey, ya'll.  It's time for an update.  Last night I spent time with dd at her house.  We had fun.  We went to Noodles and Co., worked on her budget and did a Bible study on Esther.  As mom and daughter we don't spent too much time together so when we do it's great.  I left dh home cutting the grass.  This is the first grass cutting of the season.  It smelled good when I got home.  Nothing  says spring more than freshly cut grass!  Tomorrow night we will be back in the basement doing more work.  It's nice to be able to get the walls up and to stand back and admire all your hard work!

Ds called me the other day.  He purchased a BJ's card and wanted if I want his extra one!  He is so sweet and thoughtful.  I  love my children.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Life Can Be So Unreal at Times

There are just no words to describe life sometimes.  Here's why:
last weekend we went to dh's cousin's viewing/funeral.  If that wasn't unreal enough, we found out when we got there that Billy, the one who called me to tell me of his brother's death had a stroke.  That's unreal.  While his parents were at his brother's funeral, their other son had a stroke, unable to talk or lift his arm and leg.  Billy and I were talking about how the good ones die young and Billy said he was still there.  A day later he was at death's door.  We just don't know, do we?  Yesterday we learned that Billy has a tumor on his heart (or in his heart) and he was being transferred to a different hospital.  I haven't had an update today, but my thoughts are with them all. 

There were two songs the family had played.  One is Life Ain't Always Beautiful:
Life ain't always beautiful
Sometimes it's just plain hard
Life can knock you down, it can break your heart

Life ain't always beautiful
You think you're on your way
And it's just a dead end road at the end of the day

But the struggles makes you stronger
And the changes make you wise
And happiness has its own way of takin' it sweet time

No,life aint always beautiful
Tears will fall sometimes
Life aint always beautiful
But it's a beautiful ride

Life aint always beautiful
Some days I miss your smile
I get tired of walkin' all these lonely miles

And I wish for just one minute
I could see your pretty face
Guess I can dream, but life don't work that way

But the struggles makes me stronger
And the changes make me wise
And happiness has its own way of takin' its sweet time

No, life ain't always beautiful
But I know I'll be fine
Hey, life ain't always beautiful
But its a beautiful ride
What a beautiful ride

The other song was If Heaven by Andy Griggs:
If heaven was an hour, it would be twilight
When the fireflies start their dancin on the lawn
And suppers on the stove and mammas laughin
And everybodys workin day is done

If heaven was a town it would be my town
On a summer day in 1985
And everything i wanted was out there waiting
And everyone i loved was still alive

Dont cry a tear for me now baby
There comes a time we must all say goodbye
And if thats what heavens made of
You know i ain't afraid to die

If heaven was a pie it would be cherry
Cool and sweet and heavy on your tongue
And just one bite would satisfy your hunger
And hered always be enough for everyone

If heaven was a train it sure would be a fast one
That could take this weary travler round the bend
And if heaveb was a tear it'd be my last one
And youd be in my arms again

Dont cry a tear for me now baby
There comes a time we must all say goodbye
And if that's what heaven's made of
You know i ain't afraid to die

What sad songs. 

We need to live life as if this is our last day, however, being human I don't think we know how to do that.  We never really believe we will die...I mean, we know it's possible, but it happens to others, right? 

On another note Miss Puma had her ear surgery today.  I think she is deaf in one ear now.  Stitches in her ears, antibiotics for weeks, a stupid one of those collars around her neck...oh boy.  She is staying the night at the vets tonight. 

I'm so tired.  I took Miss Puma to the vets early this morning, then I went to the pregnancy clinic to volunteer.  I stayed there until around 1:30, stopped and eat lunch, then I came home, chilled out for awhile and then off the bible study.  I'm not used to days like that anymore.

That's all for now.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Sad News and a Thing That Makes me Mad

I got a call yesterday from dh's cousin telling us his (cousin's) brother was killed in an auto accident yesterday.  It's one of those things that just shocked you numb.  We haven't seen this cousin in years, but dh helped him build his house when he lived closed by.  Today I find out that the cousin had been complaining of pain in his leg. Docs didn't find anything wrong and he was scheduled for more tests this week.  Well, docs, you're a litle late now, aren't you?  Just makes me so mad.  Docs today don't take you for real...they thing people come to the docs because they don't have anything else to do?  Geez. The view/funeral is this weekend four hours away.  It's just unbelievable and sad.  His first grandchild is due in only a couple of weeks.  What a black cloud this is going to put on the birth of the child.  When it's suppose to be a celebration, grandpa is going to be missing.  At forty seven years old, it's too young to be gone.

On another note, I had emptied my piggy bank and finally took the money to the big bank to deposit it in my account. I did not have enough change to roll it.  So I put it on the counter at the bank with my other transactions and the teller is saying she cannot accept my money unless it's rolled.  Man, that made me mad.  I'm tell her I want to deposit it in my account and she's telling me she can't accept money that is not rolled.  I said I don't have enough money to roll it.  She said then I have to wait until I get enough money to roll, then bring it in.  I said I don't want to wait to bring it in I want to deposit the money in my account now!!  I said so you are saying you can't accept my money and you're not allowing me to deposit my money in my account?  I said you're a bank and you're not accepting my money?  I asked her what she does when companies come in with their mean to tell me you accept their coins.  The teller tells me that their money is rolled.  Give me a break.  I said and you don't have a machine to count money.  No, she says, or barks at me.  They don't have a counting machine money...they send it out to be counted.  Well, no she contradicts herself, doesn't she?  Then she leaves the counter and goes to talk to her manager.  The manager comes in.  She proceeds to tell me I can take my money to the grocery store to be counted...I said I don't want to go to the grocery store.  I said it's not that much change..I will help you count it.  The manger says they don't count takes too much time and it holds the line up.  I said 'there is nobody behind me!!!'  The bank was empty...oh my gosh!!!!!  A bank that won't take money..never heard of it.  A teller that won't count money...isn't that ridiculous????  Unreal.  Finally the manager acts like she's doing me a favor and says she will make the expection this time.....unreal.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Pegnancy Clinic Opening and Maryland March for Life

Last Saturday we attended the opening of the new Annapolis, Maryland Pregnancy Clinic...and it' directly across the street from Planned Parenthood.  I said 'we' but not me or's the clinic that I volunteer at. 

Grand Opening - Annapolis Pregnancy Clinic

If you look hard enough during the video you will see across the street the 'escorts' outside on the street where the building of Planned Parenthood is who are waiting for women to come in for their abortions.  Planned Parenthood was afraid of 'us' we would do something to them.  So very sad.  The 40 Days for Life is also going on and you'll see those people on the sidewalk with signs.  In fact, we even applaud them near the end of the video.  (If you look around the video you will see dd, dh, and me.) 

Tuesdays is when I go in to volunteer, but I do so in another office.  When I went in Tuesday we were told that a young women who was scheduled for an abortion that morning at Planned Parenthood saw our sign out front and thought that was the place she was suppose to be at.  Praise God that He directed her to our clinic instead and she left there with encouragment and the decision she was keeping her baby!! 

So last Monday was our Maryland March for Life in Annapolis, MD. 

DD is on the left behind the litte girl in the red.  Dh and I are next to her, but you can't see us.  Maryland has no rules when it comes to abortions which the prolife are trying to fight.  It's why abortionists are coming to Maryland to set up their practices.  It's disgusting that the lawmakers in Maryland have no conscious about outlawing abortions.  Shame on them.  There are some prolife lawmakers as seen in the above video.  Yeah for them!  Pray that abortion will be no longe.  Women need support when found in an unexpected pregnancy, not abortion.  We don't need to victimize the woman twice.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I wanted to share the things I got free today because free is alway sooo good.  I had a $10 rewards coupon from Staples I had to use so I got some dividers for the new home management notebook I'm starting.  I still have $1.03 left to spend. :)  Then, I had to go to Petsmart to get some cat food and I saw a coupon on the shelf that said if you bought a big bag of Meow Mix (which I was there to buy) you could get four free Meow Mix food cups.  So, I bought two large bags, which, by the way, were on sale and I saved $2 on each bag, so I ended up getting eight food cups free!
I love free!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Organizing My Life

     Is anybody's life unorganized like mine?  I set out to do something, anything when I get up and get going in the moring (or afternoon because I'm a night owl), but I get busy on something else and never feel like I've accomplished anything.  Now granted, I do keep up with my clothes  Smiley(dh washes his own [that's another whole story]) and usually do the dishes (when they get piled up), Smiley but everything else I have really let go.  Even dd gives me a "what for" about it when she comes to visit.  Do I like living like this?  No.  But I'm no hoarder; in fact, I have no furniture in my living room.  My family room is kept nice...but the rest of the house...well.  I could do better.  The reason I'm bringing this up at all is because my cat, Miss Puma has polyps that bleed in her ears ...not just trickle, I'm talking about my house looking like a crime scene .  Every time she shakes her get the picture.  Last week we took her to a doctor who had us put meds in her ears (so, what was that suppose to do?) and she had to go back for a recheck last Thursday.  What it comes down to is this:   either do nothing, put her down or have a vet specialist operate on her ears to try and get all the polps out of her ears.  Now, the thing about this is that Miss Puma could become deaf, or could end up with a tilt to her head from her inner ears having to be taken out or damaged.  Okay, so what I'm getting at is that this surgery is going to cost anyway between $3,000 to $4,000.  Shocking.  But what choice do we have?  God says to choose life.  I believe He means all life.  My husband, not so much.  He thinks I'm crazy and he puts the finance blame on me all the time.  Whatever.
     I say all this because today, the weight of debt is on my shoulders. I really have to get back to basics...I need to start cooking at home, growing food myself, canning if need be.  I need to be frugal and hold myself accountable.  Today I searched the internet for a home budget form which lead me to stray and search for other things.  Hence, the reason for this whole story.
      Now, I do have a coupon binder that isn't always up to date, but I get in that mood when I can't stand having to go through a pile of coupons when I need something and I do file the coupons in my binder.  But as I was looking around on the internet today to try to get my life on track and be organized, I have come across women who have home planning books (that's a generic name; every woman has different names for them).  As I was watching their youtubes or reading about their notebooks, I like the idea of it, however, some woman are soooo organized that they have their day scheduled down to the hour each day.  How in the world can that be that fun?  I cannot see me allowing myself 20 minutes on the interent, let's say.  That's not gonna happen. 
     *Sigh*...I don't know.  What I do know is that I gotta get my act together.  I'm even thinking I need to go back to work.  That's scary since I haven't work in 30+ years.  I've never been scared of hard work...I talked to dh about it, but he never gives me good answer about what I should do. 
     I guess I will try to make a home planning notebook, but tweak it to what I think I an do each day. 
     One thing I KNOW I have to do is curbtail the spending.  Not that I go shopping because I don't.  Just have to be more frugal with what I've got. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Car in the Utility Pole

Yes, it happened again the other night.  It was almost a replay of the accident the night the car ran into the telephone pole at the end of our driveway....very weird.  Again, I was watching tv when, right next to my window, a shot of 'lightening', than a big boom, then my tv went out.  Luckily, the lights stayed on, but I thought it was raining outside.  I realized it wasn't a thunderstorm when I heard the fire trucks stop up on the highway.  I looked out my bedroom window and the highway was lit up.  So, I put on my coat (I was in my nightgown) and walked up to the highway.  A car was hit the telephone phone two poles down from the one that was hit last month.  The car was totaled and they had to pull the driver out.  How strange that this happened twice.  As soon as I get a picture of it I will post.  The fire department took a picture; they'll post it on their site soon.

It's been raining today.  Down south there has been terrible storms and tornadoes.  Many tornadoes.  A lot of people killed.

We need to keep them in prayer.