Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ds's 30th Birthday

I just can't believe that my beautiful son is now 30 years old.  You wouldn't think he was looking at him...he has a baby face and is very skinny.  He could probably pass for 18 at least.  I know at times he still is carded.....which I have to laugh about.  He's birthday was on the 27th, but he was working so we had his celebration last night.  We went to his house and took him out for Chinese Food.  He opened some presents before we left and we got back to his place we had and Oreo Ice Cream cake.  Yum

He bought a wig for his Halloween costume...he had to wer it for some of his birthday pictures!  hahah

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another Anniversary!!

I can't believe another anniversary has rolled by.  Just seemed like it was a few months ago that dd took us to the Cheesecake Factory for our 32nd anniversary.  This year dd took us to Bertucci's where she gave us this very funny card. We had pizza and enjoyed dinning with each's ALWAYS a treat to have dinner with our kids.  After eating we left the restaurant, got into dd's car because we were going to a few stores with her and as we were pulling out of the parking lot I realized I left my card at the table.  So dd had to turn around and she went into the restaurant to retrieve my card, but had to ask the manager because when dd went back to the table my card was gone!  LOL  Anyway, she did find it and I've carried it around in my purse since. 

Ds's birthday is next; I have to get with him to find out when he's got off so we can take him out to dinner OR I was thinking of making his favorite dinner.  He loves meatloaf with mashed potatoes and cheese over top of it.  I call it Shepherd's pie, but it doesn't have all the vegetables in it.  When he came back from Iraq both times that was his welcome home dinner. 

I'm proud of myself last night as we stayed home and I cooked dinner.  I have gotten out of the habit of cooking so bad I forgot how to do it.  I so want to cook more at home.  I miss some foods I cooked even though my cooking never compared to my mom's or my grandmothers!  Oh how I miss their cooking. 

So tonight for dinner I'm gonna look in my cookbooks for something nice to cook or since I need a grocery trip to stock up I'll have to put something together.  But that's okay.  I have to keep  reminding myself of how much money I'll be saving!  And that eating out has to be a Friday night treat instead of a way of life. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Catching Up..a bunch of stuff

This post is gonna be a few different things.  First, we went to the Baysox game last weekend.  Of course our team lost AGAIN! LOL  Oh well, we had fun. 

It was the last game of the year so no more baseball games until next year!

Next, it was dd's 26th birthday.  My cousin took us all out to dinner for her birthday.  That was so nice of her.  It's not often we can get together and talk and have dinner.

My ds is ALWAYS making funny faces

Dd, my cousin and me

Then we went to ds's house so dd could open her presents.

So yesterday morning my dd called me.  She told me that the car dealership just two miles down the street from me was underwater.  Shocking!  I get on the internet and start searching and sure enough most of my town is underwater.  I've lived here for 33 years and we've had a little flooding from the rivers here in town but never, ever nothing like this.

This is the County Administration Building

This is the main street in our town

This is the main highway Rt 301

This is the dealership just 2 miles down the street from me.  I'm just glad that we have a town in the opposite directions that we can get to.  So, within the last two months we've had an earthquake, a hurricane and now flooding.  So, what's next?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Did I Mention?

I don't know if I mentioned going to the Baysox game a couple of weeks ago with dh's cousins.  He gets extra tickets and invites us.  I think he gets them least it sounds like he does as he knows somebody that works there.  Anyway, Bowie Baysox is the minor league team for the Baltimore Orioles.  The stadium is about 10 minutes down the street from us.  Every few games they have fireworks which is always fun to watch.  Here's the pictures I took when we were there:

Dh and his cousin

Dh's cousin and me

My $5 lemonade!

Sometimes we buy hotdogs/drinks at the ballpark, but it's really expensive.  On this day it was very hot and I tried holding out, but this guy kept coming around with these lemonades and I just had to have one.  It wasn't really great, but it was good.  I'm gonna save my change this time so I can buy another one.  I think it's better than soda; I was told this is real lemonade.  Okay

I took these pictures on my ipod as I forgot my camera.  I was surprised how easy it was to get the pictures off the ipod.  I just plugged it into my computer and up came the camera program and it downloaded the pictures.  At least I didn't have to go through itunes to download them.  So now I might just use my ipod for picture taking if I need to.

I'm feeling better today, still not totally back, but I'm getting there.  Thanks to Vicks and throat cold didn't last so long this time.  Yeah!

Tomorrow night we are going to another Baysox game and dd is coming along.  Fun!  Batter up!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Still Not All There Yet

Well, I'm still not totally back to my old self; having runny nose and tight throat, but I'm really praying I will skip the coughing stage.  It's gonna be a busy weekend...Saturday we were invited to another Baysox game, dd is going with us, too.  So it's gonna be fun.  And this is dd's birthday weekend!  Our cousin emailed us and asked if she could take us all out to dinner for dd's birthday so we are going out maybe to Olive Garden on Monday.   Then maybe to our son's for dd's birthday cake and presents.  I still have to ask him if it's okay.  It's hard to believe my dd will be 26.  Wow! 

Then three weeks later it will be my son's birthday.  It's his big 30.  Wow, again.