Sunday, February 2, 2014

Family Time at Glory Days and other stuff...

It's been a true winter here in the southern parts of Maryland.  Snow, snow and more snow.  The only good thing I can say about this is that the snow melts, then it snows again; the snow melts then it snows again.  And, on one of the first snows, I did make some ice cream, so that was cool.  {No pun intended!} And now that the groundhog saw his shadow do I guess it's another six weeks of winter.  I'm so  ready to get my garden started.  For Christmas I got an outdoor sink so now I can do my planting right next to my garden because I have an outdoor faucet  there and I won't have to go all the way around to the other side of the house when I have transplanting to do.  Are we lazy or what??

Yesterday I was talking to Adam on the phone; I haven't seen him in about a month {even though he lives 10 minutes from me} but I asked him if he wanted to go to dinner, and I mentioned a favorite place of his, hehehe, and he decided that he would.  I went downstairs to tell Meghan to get ready we are going to have dinner with her brother.  It was one of those nights where we just had fun and everyone was in a good mood.

Times like these are far and few between these days.  It's hard when everyone is working and have their own's hard to find time to get together.  Sometimes, I think of when life was simpler, yet harder, too; when families lived on the same farm and grandma and grandpa was always around.  That would have been awesome times.  

I'm thinking about doing some youtube vlogging..haven't decided yet about it.  I'm about 80% sure I will, but I'm still thinking.  I'm sure I must have something to say that might help someone. 

Still having sleeping issues, but I totally need to work on it.  I know other night owls feel the same way as I do, but nighttime is so peaceful...nobody to bother you...the phone stops ringing, it's time to have to one's self.  I do not manage my time very well and I suppose I need to work on that, too.

With that said, I'm signing off for now.