Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Favorite "toy"

For years and years (yes, it's been that long), at a time when I lost myself, my craft room grew and grew to the point where I mentally couldn't even think of how I would begin to organize it.  I had way too much yarn and no place to put it.  Over the years, I would go into the room in an attempt to clean it up, but I ended up just moving stuff from one stop to another.  I mean, it was so frustrating!!  Then, somehow, a light bulb went off and I have done quite a bit of organizing and cleaning up (and throwing away) stuff I no longer use.  Do you want to know what my light bulb moment was?  My yarn winder.  Honestly.  When I got that 'tool' (see post below) I was excited getting it because I thought I'd finally get all those scraps balls of yarn wound up and stacked instead of just stuck in bags.  Wow.  Once I started winding yarn, well, I haven't stopped yet.  I will be posting pictures soon, too.

So yesterday I was winding more yarn when I asked Donald what his most favorite tool was.  He finally admitted that a tool that used to be his dad was his favorite.  Then he asked me what mine was.  I told him that after my sewing machine, it was definitely my yarn winder!

I do have to admit that when our daughter moved into the basement apartment, she was giving some stuff away that she didn't need anymore.  One item she was done with was a sweater shelf thingy that  hangs in a closet.  I kept looking at that thing wondering what I could do with it.  Finally, I decided I was going to lay that thing out lengthwise and fill my yarn skeins in it.  So I have three of them on my shelves.  That has really helped with my organizing, too.  

Stay tuned for pictures!

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