Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Daughter's Birthday

I don't know about you, but with each of the kids' birthdays I always find myself going back to the day of their birth.  I always replay the day I went to the hospital to give birth to them.  I might even tell that child a repeat of that story they've heard so many times before (and really don't seem to care how they came into the world).  But that's what made me a mother.  My first born made me a mom for the first time and so I was a mother of one child.  The second born made me a mother of two and I really wasn't sure I could love another child because I loved the first one sooo much.  But I did and knew the love in a heart expands.  The third one came along and she made me a mother of three and I felt like a mother with ducklings in tow.  It was wonderful.  Each with their own personalities, thoughts, behaviors (one boy with ADD!), but I loved and love them all so much.  And so I celebrated her birthday on Labor Day of all days because it was her birthday.  We went out to eat then went back to her apartment to open presents.  I'm always so glad to be able to spend time with her. 

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