Monday, November 14, 2011

Holocaust and the Unborn **graphic photos**

The 180 movie:

Some people are mad about this movie.  I want to know what is it that they don't get?? 
File:Buchenwald Leipzig-Thekla Corpse 4.jpg   

One picture of a body during the Holocaust.  The other picture is a baby where a late term abortion (partical birth abortion) was performed on.  So what's the difference???  The government wants us to believe that the body at the Holocaust was murdered.  The body that is a smaller person who had his brains sucked out of his head while he was half delivered and still alive is not a person.  Seriously?   The baby body looks just like the big body right down to sex organs so what is it that makes one a person who was murdered and one that isn't a person and wasn't murdered?  I don't see a difference and if you do I'd like to know how you see a difference.
The Holocaust is alive and doing well.  Just ask the abortionist's who pockets are stuffed to the gill with green stuff.  Don't be fooled..we need to protect the unborn.

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