Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Oh my....sick again!

Life is getting messy again.  The last three weeks I've been coughing and the left side of my throat has hurt.  I have jury duty next week (that's another story) and I don't want to sit there and cough my head off, although, I'm having faith in God that my number won't show up and I won't even have to show up.  But, I went to the emergency clinic last week hoping they could give me something to clear up my cough, the dr said it was allergies and told me to take over the counter allergy meds.  Now, before I went to the clinic I had already made an appointment with my regular doctor but they couldn't get me in (so they say) for four days.  That's why I went to the emergency clinic.  Thank goodness I did not cancel my gp's appointment.  I went in yesterday; by this time my nose was running life a faucet; I was (am) miserable.  They did a throat culture and I came up positive for strep.  I don't get strep throat....but on my goodness.  Who would have thought?  Today I have a headache and chills, sweating...I don't have time for this. 

So I just wanted to check in..will write more later when I'm feeling up to it.

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