Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things to Ponder

Yesterday Donald was talking to me about a preacher that is on the radio here in this area.  I don't care much for him; he's liberal and I'm not.  But anyway, Donald just happened go to the church this preacher pastors.  Oh wow...I didn't know this preacher was that close to our house.  Anyway, Donald asked me what I think this pastor looks like.  You know how you hear people's voices like on the radio and you have this idea of what they might look like and you are totally off.  It's like their voice doesn't match up with the picture you vision them to look like...so, I described what I thought this preacher looked like and Donald tells me I was totally off.  It was the opposite of what I thought.  Today I happened to hear this preacher again and now my mental picture of him is totally off!! LOL....well, that got me thinking about God.  How often do we think we know God; maybe His characteristics, or what He thinks and boy, how often do we think He is just there at our beck 'n call when we need help with something or when we want something?  I don't think we know 'what God looks' like at all.  I know I've been guilty of putting Him in a box and taking Him out when I needed to.  Awful, I know.  That's why I have been trying to listen to more preaching, real preaching from Dr. Charles Stanley and Jon Courson.  I really like Jon because he explains things in a verse by verse method.  It's great and I've learned things from him I didn't realize.  Make me see how much of the Bible I don't know and how much I should know by now. 

One night last week when Donald and I were discussing where to eat he suggested a new chicken place called Lima's Chicken.  It is run by Spanish people who cook the chickens over an open fire.  It tasted like they marinate the chicken in beer or some kind of wine, but it was pretty good (I'm not a drinker).  Here's what I got:

Chicken, rice and lots of green beans!  I couldn't eat all those green beans.  But we have put this place on our list of new place to eat.  We have eliminated tons of places to eat because they give to Planned Parenthood in one way or another.  Did you know that Olive Garden, Long Horn and Red Lobster are all the the same company and they give tons of money to PP??  How can one enjoy a meal when they know the money they are giving to that establishment is helping to kill innocent babies?    We've also cut out Bob Evans...yup... they are on the watchdog list.  Also is Starbucks and I found out that Pot Belly (which I fell in love with their hammie sandwich) is also part of Starbucks and I had to stop going there. 

September 11, 2006

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