Friday, April 4, 2014


Let's talk weather.  Has spring arrived yet?  I know it has on the calendar, but what is it really like outside?  Cold, warm, cold warm, that's what it's doing.  Such tease when one is anxious to get plants in the ground.  I did plant peas a couple of weeks ago, but I can tell you, going outside every single day to see if you can see just a little hint of green can drive a person crazy.  It's like watching water boil.  However, today I saw maybe three peas just breaking ground!   Wahoo.  

The family room in our house is starting to look like an outdoor garden indoors.  It's fun to start planting and watching the seed grow into a plant, but sooner or later, just like kids, they need to go.  (hahaha).  Seriously though, please warm weather, come here soon.

Squash, cucumbers started in the aerogarden
Another view:  in the pots are catus, tomatoes, and strawberries

I just started peppers

Blueberry bush


 You can see I need to get these in the ground or, in my case, in my rain gutter growth garden.

Speaking of which, here is a picture of garden set up this year:

Here's the beginnings of it

This are rain gutters.  Right now we are trying to save money so we had some aluminum gutters we are using.  But probably plastic gutters would be better

We are using 3 inch net cups on the bottom of the buckets.  We drill a hole in the bottom to insert the cup, then the cups sit in the gutter with water in it.

All the buckets will have holes in them like the third from the left.  It allows the roots to have air.

I'm so excited to see how this set up works.  There is a man named Larry Hall who came up with this idea.  He's on youtube and also has a facebook page if you'd like to look him up.  Amazing what he invented!

I celebrated my birthday yesterday.  Will put up pictures in my next post.


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