Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just Catch'n Up

I've been wanting to post, but just hadn't gotten around to it.  I've seen super sleeping.  I'm so off schedule, I'm like a newborn with my sleeping mixed up.  I'm up while everyone's sleeping and sleeping when everyone else is up.  It's so crazy.  

I've been crocheting some things to put in my Esty store.  I haven't tried selling in there yet, although I've had a store set up for some time...a couple of years, that is.  

My garden:  Donald built me a Rain Gutter Grow System for my garden this year, but it has not worked at all.  I'm thinking it's because we didn't mix the right soil for the buckets.  The plants just sorta petered out.  I decided to till up a block of the yard and planted some corn, pumpkins, lufa, radishes, cucumbers and they are growing great!  So, then I took off the buckets from the first gutter (I have three of them) and decided to fill it with soil which I did, then planted beets.  They are coming up great.  I guess I'm just a 'plant in the grown' kinda girl.  There's something (at least for me) seeing those seeds push up through the ground dirt and grow into something worth eating.  

I never did any spring cleaning and I wish I had.  I need to go through each room of this house and get rid of stuff.  I know the motivation is a mental thing.  I can't seem to wrap my head around it, though.  I heard on the radio that a family had a yard 'sale', except they gave all their stuff away for free.  They felt if somebody needed it, they'd just give it away.  LOL  That's kind of neat; at least that way you aren't stuck hauling it all away yourself.  

I watch a youtuber under the name of Mom the Ebayer.  Wow...look her up.  She dumpster dives, but the things she finds is amazing and the money she gets for it on ebay is crazy!  I wish I could do stuff like that.  

Have a great day!

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