Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We usually go to my brothers for Thanksgiving.  But this year we are staying home.  I don't have anything planned for turkey day.  I thought about going food shopping, but it would be just as cheap to go out to a restaurant to eat.  Since getting older, I don't find cooking enjoyable.  Yeah, I have to feed the husband, but it just gets old. 
I've been watching youtube videos of young moms vlogging about their days.  Wow...brings back memories of my life.  When the children were young, I would leave the house around 8am and sometimes I wouldn't get home until dinner time just because there was shopping to do and errands to run.  I see that with these young moms.  Just amazing how time flies by ya. 
When Donald and I were married I worked for awhile.  But I wanted to have children, so I quit work.  But there was a time period where I would stay home by myself when Donald was at work and it was boring...after I cleaned up in the morning I had so much time on my hands I didn't know what to do with myself.  But after having children, the days are so filled up sometimes you don't even have a minute to yourself.  However, that's what really kept me going.  I had to take care for my children.  Now that I'm old(er) I'm back to being at home by myself (minus 12 cats and one dog) but I find myself once again trying to keep myself busy.  I had volunteer for about a year, but I think the stress of it was wearing me down and I had to give it up.  I was hoping to be able to go back to it, but I haven't...yet.
So back in my early 30's my grandma was visiting for Thanksgiving.  And that's when I decided I would try to cook a turkey.  I had never done it before so it was exciting and scary at the same time.  But you know what?  It came out great!  Thanksgiving that year was so much fun. 
When I was a child, we used to go to my other grandma's house.  The house always smelled sooo good when we got there.  The kids helped set the table so they felt like they were a part of things.  Good times and great memories and miss them so much.
I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.  But being thankful isn't just one day of the year.  Everyday we can find blessings and we should be so thankful for even the smallest gifts.

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