Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today we went to our daughter's and my parent's gravesites to put Christmas deocorations on them.  We do this every year.  Since our daughter, Katrina, passed away in 1992 (18 years ago--oh where does the time go?) we haven't missed a year where we don't do this.  Sometimes it's so emotionally draining to be there where my parents and daughter lay.  I believe in broken hearts.  I believe happiness is but a fleeing moment here and there, but the rest of the time life is negative and sometimes even evil.  The excitment young people feel when they are starting out (I'm talking about people in their early twenties) can be so exciting because they have their whole life ahead of them.  Dreams, goals,'s wonderful.  I had that too, for a short time. 

Donald at Katrina's gravesite
Me at Katrina's gravesite

Me at my parent's gravesite "Spaar"
It was rainy and cold when we were there.  Lots of times it is freezing cold with the wind blowing.  I didn't really feel like going today, but it's suppose to get colder as the week goes on and better to do it now than not be able to later.  I did not get to decorating the house today.  Maybe I will put some decorations out tomorrow. I still need to get some shopping done! 

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