Saturday, December 11, 2010

Niece's school Christmas Concert

Friday night we were invited to my niece's Christmas concert at her school.  She had a solo violin part and she was very good.  She is also in the dance group for which they performed, too.  My niece says she wants to study dance and her violin is her ticket to a scholarship.  Wow...I hope she still holds onto that when she graduates high school.  For my own daughter, I wish I had money so she wouldn't have to take out student loans and be in debt when she graduates.  When people are young, they think they have things figured out, but when they are old they realize they don't have a clue!  (I'm talking about myself.)  One of the boys dressed up as Santa Claus and was sitting next to a fack fireplace.  They have a person there to take pictures, so since the family was together I asked them all if we could take a picture with Santa and reluctantly they agreed.  My cousin was there, but she got up and left immediately after the program was over.  She has a hard time driving in the dark and I think she just wanted to get home.  Here is our picture.  Starting from the left is my sister-in law married to my oldest brother, my sister-in-law married to my youngest brother, my youngest brother, my niece who happens to be a little over three months pregnant (and is the daughter of my oldest brother), my husband, my older brother (in the back hiding), my niece (my younger brother's daughter), and me.  What was kinda funny was that my sil (older brother's wife) is a special ed teacher and she realized that the music teacher that teaches our neice was in her class quite a few years ago.  The guy must have been in his late 20's or early 30's.  He has four children, too.  I just see how we can be so old now. 

So now the music teacher is teaching our niece.  You just never the circle in which life brings you around. 

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