Saturday, December 18, 2010

Surprise Gift card and..

Yesterday was interesting.  I had to take a present back to the store because what was in the box wasn't what was suppose to be.  Go figure.  The time I was out running errands was around the time the husband got off work, so I c-phoned him and told him to meet me at Chick-fil-a. When we got our food and sat down to eat he was telling me that he won a $25 gift card to Target during his lunch.  His company has some kinda of holiday lunch and husband took it out of his pocket and gave it to me.  Funny, I was heading to Target after I had some free money!  Then, while walking into Target I looked down and found a brand new shiny penny.  It's not beyond me to pick up pennies.  I love finding pennies.  There's something exciting about finding free money on the ground (at least for me it is)...oh, and not only that, husband reached into his pocket and must have brought out about 50 pennies.  I asked him where he got the pennies and he said around the vending machines at work!  He said, "I guess people don't like pennies."  How sad, I think.  Money is money to me.  So yesterday, you could say we were blessed with about $25.51 of free money.  Cha-ching.....what's another savings! 

Today I baked some chocolate chips cookies. 
I bought this from my niece last April.  Her school was having a fun raiser...I had bought pizza in the past, but thought I'd try something different this time around.  With this cookie dough, it says on the instructions that you can thaw and refreeze which I've done a couple of times.  The cookies come out tasting the same.  We also got our tree up, but don't have it decorated yet.  We're getting there slow, but sure.  Tonight I'll be wrapping presents. 

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