Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wow, Where Have I Been?

Busy and tired...hahaha.  Basically every night dh and I are in the basement renovating.  Since dd is moving in we decided that the walls in the basement needed insulating (since the person who 'finished' the basement before we bought the house didn't put insulation in the walls) we've had to tear down all the outside walls and put in insulation.  Also, the bathroom needed a redo-and therefore, dh had to repipe and tear up the bathroom floor.  What a job it's been!  But I'm happy to say that we got al the insulation up, the walls up and we've started to mud the walls.  However, we still got the shower enclosure to put up, the floors to do, the kitchen cabinets and when we are done with that we have the bedroom to start on.  I'm starting to feel a time crunch because dd has to be out of her condo before Aug. 1st.  It's just dh and me working on the basement (and we are no professionals), so I'm praying the work we do will be nice.  The worse we part with building rooms (we've added a couple to our home) is mudding the walls.  We are sooo bad at that. The finish work is really what counts on a wall after all. 

Since I've last wrote, I've had another birthday.  It's hard to believe how old one gets...What does 55 feel like?  I don't know...the body has more aches that it used to, but inside, the soul of me is still young.  I'm thinking this how it must be when we get to heaven.  We are young in heaven.  That's awesome!

Another incident has happened is that ds called me late one night...he was sick.  He was running 102.5 fever and he was a little delirious, too.  I ran him up to the 'emergency' hospital where they said he had the flu and gave him tamiflu.  I wasn't so sure he had the flu, but once he started on the tamiflu and the motrin he was feeling better.  Then a couple days after that dd called from work and said she felt like she was going to pass out.  She said she had to get up and go to another room, but didn't think she could make it.  I told her to take her c-phone with her and then a few minutes later, she called me, said, 'mom' and then a co-worker came on the phone.  She told me dd wasn't doing so good and they wanted to call the ambulance, but that dd didn't want them to.  I told them to call...the hospital is right across the street from her work.  What ended up happening was that dd took two cough medicines that had the same meds in it and so it was like overdosing.  She feels so stupid for doing that, thank goodness it wasn't a fatal overdose.  THAT would have been awful.  And so that was my week two weeks ago.

The week before that happened we took our beagle to the vets.  She ate, then threw up and then it appeared that she couldn't breath/catch her breath.  This was a midnight so we took her to the emergency vets.  I just hope all the emergency runs are done!  Hahahah.

The weather has been really strange.  Cold, we are having rain.  We need it, and besides, April showers bring May flower, but it's been warm enough that flowers have already been blooming. 

I am just now starting to think of where to put our vegetable garden.  I'm a little behind in this, but I hope this week I can get the ground tilled and plants in. 

We'll that's it for now....

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