Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Night at the County Fair!

Just about every year we go to the county fair.  It's the oldest fair in Maryland...celebrating it's 170th birthday this year.  Since the fair almost always starts on dd's birthday {9-6}, it was kinda birthday thing we did for dd.  But dh's and my anniversary is on the 9th {34 years this year!} so going to the fair kinda celebrates two birds with one stone.  Hahah.  Tonight we went.  Dh's cousin works the fair and whenever he sees us we get in for free.  That's awesome! 

First thing we did tonight at the fair was to get our fair hot dogs.  I always have to get one.  I don't really know why I think those hot dogs taste better than any others. 

I always enjoy looking at the crafts and picking up information about our county services. We usually get free pens, pencils, bag clips which are very useful items around here.  This year we got a lot of nicer stuff than we've gotten before.  Dh got a free wind up flashlight; I got a alarm/calculator clock, reusable bags and all the usual pens, pencils, bag clips...all for free!  I love free things. 

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