Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ahh, Spring Where Art Thou??

Spring Smiley  I know that some people love winter and that's fine, but I'm a spring {chicken} myself.  I know I probably have already said this, but spring is so wonderful.  Everything that was dead comes alive.  Trees bloom, flowers are poking up out of the ground and are sprouting new blossoms, the birds are building nests and raising families.  And the wonderful smell of cut grass and dirt when planting the garden are, well, terrific!  Here in Maryland we've had a couple of 60 degree days and oh, my....then, boom....cold and windy again.  *sigh*

The day before yesterday I got into a cleaning mood, which I don't get into very often.  I think it might have been the caffeine I've been drinking.  Too many teas and soda..definitely. I cleaned out the computer closet which really needed it bad which took most of the day, then I cleaned out my clothes closet and organized it.  Which I must say gives me more room and it looks better than having all my clothes squashed together.  I'm putting away my heavy sweaters in hopes that spring will get here soon.  I'll just wear my long sleeve shirts and a hoodie when I go out.  The t-shirts I'm no longer gonna wear I'm making t-shirt yarn out of.  Then I'm gonna choose some colors and crochet or knit a new top out of it.  Awesome!  I love being frugal and reusing things.  Of course, when I started cleaning I forgot to take before and after pictures.  Geez!  How can I document my progress if I don't see the befores and afters?

The next thing I really, really need to get done is grocery shopping.  Oh, I hate doing that, but we have nothing to eat in this house.  Okay, that's not true.  We have some canned vegetables, spam {sticking my finger down my throat because that is Donald's and not mine}, and some odds and end stuff, but I have nothing I can make a meal out of.  Yeah, tomorrow I'll be cutting coupons and making a list for the store. 

Well, that's it for the time being. 

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