Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snow...oh Why?

winter Even though in the last week or so the weather reports have called for snow, I hoped it wouldn't happen, which, it didn't.  Hehehe.  But, oh no, it couldn't hold off any longer.  I looked out the window this evening and little snowflakes were falling.  Boo!  Now, the flakes are thicker and coming down harder.  Oh, and it's sticking to the ground. 

On the same note, my birthday is coming up on April 3rd.  When my mom would tell me about bringing me home from the hospital {after my birth} she said it was snowing.  That was in Washington, Pennsylvania.  So, I never really believe in nice weather until after April 3rd.  After that, I wanna see sunshine, sweater weather or t-shirt weather.  Oh yeah. 

I've been doing a little cleaning.  I took a bunch of books to a place that sells books for charity.  Two things are hard for me to get rid of:  books and craft supplies.  I don't know why.  I guess because when I was younger, much younger, those two things gave me joy.  I spent a lot of time at the library reading and doing homework.  It was quiet and a place to go to learn about all kinds of stuff.  The crafts were always fun to do; to be creative.  How you can take something plain and turn it into something pretty or useful is so neat!  But seeing how my closet is getting empty is a good feeling, a burden that is being released. 

Next week will be Easter, so I'll have to get my menu ready.  I'm probably going to make potato salad and have a ham. 


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