Friday, March 1, 2013

Winter or Spring

Even though it's technically still winter, it's been somewhat sunny here the last two days.  I feel the "spring cleaning" bug starting to bite.  I've already told my husband some of the house projects I want done when the weather starts to get better outside.  On that note, I will really have to write everything down, of course or Donald will 'forget' I even mentioned the home projects.  You'd think after being together for 35 years he'd figure out I got his number.  But even now he tries to pull out his 'forget' card on me.  Haha.  Once the daffodils start to pop out of the ground like they are doing, that's exciting!!  Nature sure knows what's going on.

Last Saturday I spent the day redoing my files and filing a year's worth of bill receipts I failed to file last year.  Why do I end up doing the same thing every January/Febuary?  Habits are so hard to break or laziness is.  I asked Donald one night about God and His being organized.  Can you imagine how chaotic this world and everything in it would be if God decided to be lazy and take the day off?  His work is so organized and runs so well, yet even in our everyday routiness we put off doing what needs to be done.  

Today listening to the Christian radio station I heard this song and for the next few days I'll probably be singing it just because it's stuck in my head:

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