Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bedroom Makeover

It's finally come to pass that I started clearing out my bedroom to repaint and 'resparkle' the place that is a suppose to be a peaceful, tranquil space to lay down my head.  I've been waiting, putting off doing this because the clutter, okay the hoarding in my room was so bad that I couldn't even get my mind around where to begin to declutter (or de-hoard) or in what corner to begin packing stuff away.  I do watch hoarders on tv and I so believe I hoard.  I can remember when I was a child I would not throw out things because I emotionally got attached to them.  I don't know why.  I cannot think of anything in my childhood that would make me so insecure that I needed to hang onto stuff.  Although, I did have a blankie until I was 9 (or a piece of it).  The only reason I become detached to that was because I left it on the couch one night and when I went back to get it it was gone!  Can you imagine how devastated I was when I couldn't find my blanket to take to bed and cuddle up with?  Well, I was.  It was not until I was married that I asked my mom about my blanket and she told me that when I left it on the couch she found a great opportunity to throw it in the trash.  Maybe that incident made me feel insecure and therefore everything become a part of me.  So, instead of going through my bedroom stuff, I bought plastic bins to throw everything in as a way to get it packed up and out of my room.  I will deal with it later.  But for now, I have pulled wallpaper and borders off the walls.  I have also washed them down and now they are ready for spackling and painting.  My goal for this time next month is to have a peaceful, beatiful room to lay my head; to study my Bible, and just to listen to calming music.  Peace, that's what I'm going for. 

Now, my daughter recently moved into a new place.  The bedroom walls were painted eggshell and had been lived in by people before her.  Which means marks on the walls.  Since she is renting the place, she had to get permission from the owners to paint her room; to change the color.  Below is the before picture. 
When we got done painting  and decorating (and yours truly making the curtains and accent pillows), well, I just think it's now a great place to find peace and comfort for her.
I want mine to turn out as pretty.  I just have to keep my eyes on the prize!  As far as all the stuff in the bins that I just threw in there, I will go through them little by little until I've either used it, donated it or sold it. 

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