Monday, October 25, 2010

Husband's Birthday

The 24th my husband turned a year older.  I baked him an orange cake and frosted it with white icing.  I made a good dinner; chuck roast with potatos, mixed vegetables, and bread.  It was so good!  The kids arrived in the afternoon and spent the whole evening with us.  That was the best treat, if you ask me.  It's always fun when the kids come for a visit.  The house just isn't the same with them being gone from it.  If I ponder on it too much, I make myself sad.   Anyway, I think dh had a good day with his family here all together. 

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  1. It takes some getting used to having an empty nest doesn't it? But after we got used to it, my husband and I are enjoying it. Hope you have a wonderful day.