Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Couple of Things...

Time sure does fly by.  As I get older days run into the next, it seems.  When one is young, the days/years are so long, but when one advances to the other side of the hill, the years are so short and go by so fast. 

Some of our members who went on the covered bridge ride
Donald and I are  part of the Christian Motorcyclists Association.  In September we had our tri-state rally in Woodbine, MD at the Ramblin Pines Campground.  It consisted of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.  All the members from those state get together each year to fellowship and praise the Lord!  It's a wonderful time.  We have bike games (that's motorcycles!), campfire, food, rides...and we don't let the rain stop us, either.  We all really look forward to it every year.  Next year it's Delaware's turn to host it.  We'll be going to Herrington, Delaware at the Fairgrounds. 

Adams Birthday

Our Beautiful Katrina
The end of September was our son's birthday.  Another year and he'll hit the big 30!  Our daughter, Katrina who passed away would have been 30 this year.  Just can't imagine it.  Her and our son were only 16 mos apart in age and people would ask them if they were twins!  Both are redheads.  So we went to our son's house for his birthday; asked him where he wanted to eat and he said the Olive Garden.  His roommate went along with us.  Then we went back to their house to open presents and have cake.  I bought him an ice cream football cake and it was so hot in the house that it started melting before we got to eat it, but we plopped it on our plates anyway.  It was still good!

Last weekend Donald and I took a ride (in the car) to the National Harbor.  We have never been there before and it was a nice Friday evening, so I suggested we go. 

I didn't realize it was a little city with apartments, hotels, shopping, restaurants and a marina.  I told Donald I might be able to live in a place like that.  There is also a convention center there.  And the sunset is gorgeous!  Of course, you have to pay for parking, but it was worth the view and the walking.  The entrance to the place reminded me of entering Disney.  Same kind of set up.  I liked it.  We'll probably go back, maybe to shop or just to walk around again. 

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