Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Car Saga Continues...

This is just an unbelievable story.  I went to lunch with an old friend on Monday.  She lives about 30-45 minutes from me.  I drove my car to her house for lunch and then we took her car out to eat and shop.  When we got back to her house I had to leave because I was meeting my son for dinner.  I got into my car and drove home.  I had 30 minutes before I had to meet my son, so it gave me time to take the dog out, freshen up and I'd be off. When I got back into my car I started it, then was backing up when I heard a 'bump'.  I got so scared because sometimes my cats lay under my car, but I did not see any under the car.  I stopped the car, turned it off, put it in gear (it's manual) and got out to look under and around my car just to make sure there was no cat.  There wasn't.  I got back into my car, turned the key and it make a terrible noise.  I turned it off.  I started it again and guess what?  It wouldn't start.  Dead as a door nail.  I cannot believe this.  My poor dh had to tow it to the dealership this morning which was no easy feat.  Since the car wouldn't start he had to manual use a piece of equipment to pull it up onto the car tow.  I think I'm gonna have to be looking for a car soon.  I can't afford payments and it's getting ridiculous that I can't depend on my car to work.  Now, once again, for the third time in seven months I am without a car.   It's frustrating because I can't get my errands done during the day. 

This is my life in the pits. 

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