Thursday, June 30, 2011

We Went, We Are Home

I almost can't believe we are back home and have been since Tuesday.  The anticipation of packing and going on a trip is so exciting (well, I guess when you do it for fun!), but the coming home, knowing your vacation and fun is over is kinda depressing.  Because when you get home you gotta UNpack everything, wash all the dirty clothes and so on and so on.  And that's what I've been doing for the past couple of days.  I almost got all the clothes washed, food unpacked out of the motorhome and put away, things I bought has their places around my room.  I even cleaned my bedroom and moved furniture around.  Wow.  I've been busy!

The first night we left, which was Sunday the 19th we drove from Maryland to Greensboro, NC.  That's where we stayed at the campground.  I might add here that we left our dog in the charge of my next door neighbor's.  My dog is a year old and still is not housebroken.  I'm about to pull out my hair, but we could not trust her in the motorhome with carpet.  So, my neighbors said they would take care of her while we were gone.  So we get to the campground Sunday night and everybody on that campground had a pet.  I couldn't believe it because when you stay at these campgrounds some people have pets.  I think that's the first thing I noticed when we finally set up camp and had time to relax.  No only did they have dogs and cats, we saw one couple get a big bird out of the back seat of their car!  That's when I wished I had my dog.  However, I have 10 cats and there is one who is special to my heart and I really missed him, too.  Here's a picture of us at that campground the first night:

My poor hair was a mess, but oh well.  And here are a couple more pictures of the campground and the site we were on:

The second night we made it to our destination, but I'll tell you, the mountains were something to get up.  I wasn't sure our truck was going to make it; well, I thought it would but was still scared.  We were on small mountain roads, cliffs on the side, two lanes...and dh isn't the best driver in the world.  But that's another story.  The Riverbend Campground we stayed at in Hiawassee, GA was very, very nice.  It felt like a restort.  All the sites were level and graveled.  The campground was very clean, lots of space between each site.   I recommend Riverbend.  Here's our site there:

The first night we were in Hiawassee, I decided to cut my hair.  I took quite a bit off.  The next day I got a compliment about my hair and was asked how long I had it short because they had always seen me with longer hair.  I laughed and said I had cut it the night before.  "You cut it yourself?" they asked.  Yeah, I did.  Hahaha

The whole town knew the Christian Motorcyclists Association was coming to town.  Here's a sign at the fairground:

It felt nice to be recognized..and that we were welcomed to their little town. 

Tomorrow I'll continue our journey.

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