Friday, June 17, 2011

Getting Ready to Head for Hiawassee, GA

Hi all!  Dh and I are getting ready to pack the motorhome and head for Hiawassee, GA for our Christian Motorcyclists Association's National East Rally.  It's a time of worship and praising the Lord!   We also go out on motorcyce rides.  We meet new people; we just have a great time.  We'll be leaving on this weekend.  We are gonna stop at the Billy Graham Library on the way home since we'll be going through that way.  So I've been washing clothes and bedding.  Next, I'll be cleaning the motorhome; vacuum and dusting and loading up the shelves with food. 

We are planning on going to Arkansas for our CMA Leadership meeting, but we don't know if dh will have enough time off.  Dd mentioned she'd like to go to Disney World so I was thinking that would make agreat vacation next year and so dh can save some time this year for next.  I'll have sit down and figure it all out. 

Dd is taking a counselling class for the local pregnancy center.  I'm so excited for her.  I really think she can talk to these girls coming in to the clinic, since dd is is still young and young girls will probably listen to someone near there own age. 

The weather here has been very nice even though we've had a few thunderstorms at night.  That's okay...I don't know why it makes one sleep better. 

We got a small garden planted~peppers, cucumbers, watermelon, onions, etc.  Can't wait for them to get to the eating stage!

I've been proud of myself this week.  We did not go out to eat once.  I have been cooking at home.  I want to go through my recipe books and make some really good meals!

Gotta get some sleep. 

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