Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

It's one of those days...rain, winds and watching the weather news all day long.  And the dog is constantly ringing the bells we hang on the door to let us know she wants to go outside.  She's a beagle so the rain doesn't bother her.  She's made for woods and weather.  But I don't want her going out and getting wet.  Our dd decided to wait the storm out here at home, but she is so busy doing her college work.  Working full time and going to school doesn't leave her much time for socializing.

The lights have blinked off and on a few times already.  The thing about losing our electricity is  that our house is all electric so if we have no electricity, we can't flush the toilets, use the water, cook, etc.  We do have a generator, thank goodness, so if we absolutely needed to we can hook up to that. 

I went outside to move my car out from under our tree and try to 'collect' all our cats, but they must have found hiding places because none of them would come to me when I called them.  Animals are smart and are in survival mood most of the time.  They'll be okay.

We are about 18 miles from the Chesapeake Bay.  Far enough not to get flood waters, although our town does flood, but we have never had a flood problem.  Here's a picture of the street in our town that always floods:

I guess I'll probably read, eat and continue to watch tv.  I cleaned up a little yesterday, so I don't have that on my shoulders.  Hehehe.  I washed towels, too knowing we'll probably need dry towels when we have to go in and out in the rain to take the dog outside. 
I'll check back later if all is well!

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