Thursday, August 4, 2011

What a Surprise!

Dd's roommate told her that after this year's lease is up she will probably be moving back to NY where she is originally from and where her boyfriend lives and works.  That means that dd will have to be looking for another roommate.  We've been through this once before.  Dd couldn't find a roommate and ended up moving into someone else's space.  Now, she'll have to consider what to do.  As we were talking the other night she said she was considering moving back home.  Surprise!  I think I was stunned for a moment.  See, when dd was in this situation before I offered her two rooms here in the house and was going to put in an exterior door for her to come and go as she wanted.  She hated the idea and wouldn't even consider it.  But, dd has been through a lot of growing recently and actually I was excited about her moving home once I really thought about it.  She told me that I could cook for her so that she will eat well once again and that we could go food shopping together....hahaha!  Our basement where our son lived needs a total redo.  Dh and I talked about it after the son moved out but it takes $$ and if wasn't a priority.  Now, maybe it will be a reality.  Dd and I figured out how much she could save while living at home.  Wow!  Awsome...and she would have a great nest egg for when she'd go back out there into the world again.  Who knows?   It would be awesome, though.

There's No Place Like Home

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