Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm Sick of "Customer Service"


"This is Peggy"

 Seriously, don't people today know what customer service is?  I don't know about you, but when I call a business to ask a question about their services  I'm usually more frustrated about the 'no answer' when I get off the phone and I wonder how that business thinks they give good customer service.  Here's the for instance:

Dd has a new medication that costs ALOT.  Her insurance is not so good and doesn't pay for it.  I have found a company online called RxFreeCard.  They say they have some sort of deal with pharmacies to give you a discount on your prescriptions.  Okay..sounds good to me.  However, I have called some popular pharmacies here in Maryland to ask if they accept the card.  CVS told me that they have it listed in their computer, but it is not linked with them.  Okay, so RxFreeCard says on their website that CVS accepts their card.  I called Sam's Club and they told me 'hey, if Sam's Club is listed on the RxFreeCard's website then we probably accept it."  And I called Giant in another town~~the woman who answered the phone said I'd have to bring in the card.  I told her I lived in another town, that's why I'm calling and she said I can give you the number to a Giant in your town.  Lady, that isn't the point.  I'm calling you on the phone so I don't have to drive from store to store.  OHMYGosh.  Can't these places just tell me if they accept it? 

I put in a telephone call to RxFreeCard.  I just received a call back.  The lady in charge assured me that all pharmacies accept this card even in Puerto Rico.  There are numbers on the card that the pharmacy puts into their computer.  She told me to take my prescription to the pharmacy with the card.  So, next time dd needs her prescription refilled, we are gonna try this RxFreeCard.  And we'll keep our fingers crossed that it works.

Now I'm off to Target to use my coupons. 

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