Friday, September 2, 2011

Did I Mention?

I don't know if I mentioned going to the Baysox game a couple of weeks ago with dh's cousins.  He gets extra tickets and invites us.  I think he gets them least it sounds like he does as he knows somebody that works there.  Anyway, Bowie Baysox is the minor league team for the Baltimore Orioles.  The stadium is about 10 minutes down the street from us.  Every few games they have fireworks which is always fun to watch.  Here's the pictures I took when we were there:

Dh and his cousin

Dh's cousin and me

My $5 lemonade!

Sometimes we buy hotdogs/drinks at the ballpark, but it's really expensive.  On this day it was very hot and I tried holding out, but this guy kept coming around with these lemonades and I just had to have one.  It wasn't really great, but it was good.  I'm gonna save my change this time so I can buy another one.  I think it's better than soda; I was told this is real lemonade.  Okay

I took these pictures on my ipod as I forgot my camera.  I was surprised how easy it was to get the pictures off the ipod.  I just plugged it into my computer and up came the camera program and it downloaded the pictures.  At least I didn't have to go through itunes to download them.  So now I might just use my ipod for picture taking if I need to.

I'm feeling better today, still not totally back, but I'm getting there.  Thanks to Vicks and throat cold didn't last so long this time.  Yeah!

Tomorrow night we are going to another Baysox game and dd is coming along.  Fun!  Batter up!

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