Thursday, September 1, 2011

Still Not All There Yet

Well, I'm still not totally back to my old self; having runny nose and tight throat, but I'm really praying I will skip the coughing stage.  It's gonna be a busy weekend...Saturday we were invited to another Baysox game, dd is going with us, too.  So it's gonna be fun.  And this is dd's birthday weekend!  Our cousin emailed us and asked if she could take us all out to dinner for dd's birthday so we are going out maybe to Olive Garden on Monday.   Then maybe to our son's for dd's birthday cake and presents.  I still have to ask him if it's okay.  It's hard to believe my dd will be 26.  Wow! 

Then three weeks later it will be my son's birthday.  It's his big 30.  Wow, again. 

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