Friday, October 14, 2011


It's official.  Ds has to have surgery.  He has never, ever had surgery before.  He hates needles..I don't know how he's gonna get through this.  I mean, he will, but I know he is scared.  When he was a little boy and we had to get blood out of his arm it took three grown women to hold him down...I'm telling ya...he had the strength of a bulldog then.  Now that he's a man, he is very strong even though he is a skinny boy.  Don't let that fool ya, though. 

I'm so scared for him because he needs his index finger to shoot his gun.  His career depends on his hands.  Why do things like this have to happen? 

He is scheduled for surgery Monday at 11:30.  I guess I know what I'll be doing then. 

This is the thing...when ds gets sick he springs back within a couple of days.  It's amazing, really.  He's never sick very long...not like normal people (hahah) who hang onto a cold for a week or so.  Ds is only sick a couple of days and then he's well.  I always wondered what his immune system is made of because he is able to bounce back so quickly. 

I also worry about how long he's gonna be off work, and then there might be physical therapy.  This is just awful.

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Okay, on another note, dd, dh and I are going to the pregnancy banquet tonight.  Last week we went to our local banquet where author Bruce Wilkinson spoke.    Tonight we are going to another one with a different speaker. 

Okay, that's my update for now. 

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