Monday, October 31, 2011

Working on my Coupon Binder.....again!

Back in the day (my day) when I started collecting coupons I had a small box I kept them in.  Back then, coupons hardly ever was great because you could save them forever, well, almost.  But then, I got lots of coupons from my family (they saved them for me) and I had to graduate to a bigger box.  And that worked for a very long time for me.  I just pulled out which coupons I needed and off to the store I went.  We didn't buy anything unless I had a coupon and since I didn't take all my coupons with me I only bought what I coupons for.  I thought I did pretty good at it, but I don't know.  I'm not nearly as good as some of the 'queens' of today.  I try, I really do.  But.....

Then the years rolled by, the kids moved out and I stopped couponing.  Dh and I would just go out and was easier because it was just the two of us and I didn't have to spent hours in the kitchen preparing food.  But then a few years ago, when the ecomony fell, gas went up, well, I found my coupon box and decided it was time to get back doing this.  So I used my box for awhile and then I went online to see how couponers were saving their coupons and everyone was using a coupon binder.  Oh my goodness.  Whatever had to the index card boxes we used to keep things in?  LOL....okay, so I ordered me a biner online and started setting it up.  I thought it takes much more time filing my coupons then putting them in a box.  But, I got it all done and took it to the store a few times and I felt it was so bulky.  And truly, I was sorta embarrassed to carry this huge note book around with me. I don't know why.  Once I took it with me and my daughter shopping and my daughter was making fun of me and saying how embarrassed that looked.  Ok, I know she was teasing me, but still, it was weird. 

So, I went to Staples to see if I could find a smaller binder and I did find something that I really liked a lot.  I made it work; it as small and easy to carry around.  I could fit quite a few coupons in it, too.  But last night I was clipping coupons, paper coupons and then I had too many to fit in my small binder.  Frustrated, I looked at that huge, green binder and I said to it, "well binder, it looks like we are partners again" and here I am working to transfer all my coupons to the big binder again.  I think I drive myself crazy!

You can see my small binder at the top of my big binder.  Now, I have to find a new used for it.  LOL 

I've been using coupons for just about everything.  As soon as I get my receipts together I'll post my savings.

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