Monday, October 10, 2011

Warning..Bloody Picture

This is a picture of my son's hand.  He called me today to tell me he had just gotten back from the emergency clinic.  No mother wants to hear that no matter how old your kids are.  He proceeded to tell me that he was walking into his bathroom, tripped over the rug in there and his hand went through the bathroom window.  He showed me a picture of his wound before it was stiched and it's a very deep cut.  The doctor told ds that he needs to go see and ortho and make sure the tendon in his hand is not cut.  Ds ended up getting eight stitches.  The scary thing about all this is that ds is a police officer and this is his shooting hand.  All kinds of scary thoughts invaded my head today....thinking about what if he did cut the tendon in his hand and had to have surgery?  What if he couldn't use his hand?  That would be the end of his job.  That's scary.  Okay, but then I had to tell myself to stop thinking that way...everything will be alright.  Ds was more worried about breaking his roommates window then he was about his wound...however, he drove himself to the ER.  Oh my poor, poor son.  On the funny side of this, his roommate had gotten season tickets to the National Capitals game and ds refuse to stay home last night.  He was going no matter what.  He was at Target buying bandage supplies today and he got different color bandages to match his jerseys.  Hahaha.

Sunday we had such a fun family day.  Dd got us all together to see the new movie Courageous.  Okay, it was very funny and sad, too, but I do not think it was all that great.  It's got great reviews, but I think Fireproof was much better done.  After the movie we all went to Fridays to get a bite to eat.  Then today my son cuts his hand open.  You never know what a day brings.

Saturday my next door neighbors got married.  They've been living together for about three years so it's nice to see them finally become husband and wife.  She has waited for her wedding for sure.  I suppose every girl does.  For their honeymoon they have gone to Arizona. 

Tomorrow I have to run errands and I really need to clean the house.  Dh and I are gonna be busy making outdoor cat houses and working on the basement.  :)

Until next time...

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