Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How Time Flies

I think one or two days this month I have really thought about Christmas.  What I really have been reflecting on are two things:  the first has been my parents.  They made Christmas so magical for us when we were kids.  See, my mother had these plug in candles that she used to put in the windows.  She also had a read wreath she'd hang up.  When they came out of the closet the magic would begin.  It started to feel like Christmas...even though, we were not allowed to put the tree up.  Santa always put the tree up on Christmas Eve.  While everybody at school had their trees up and presents under it, we never did.  But I'll tell ya....going to bed on Christmas Eve with a plain house and then waking up the next morning to a beautiful Christmas tree, lights and tons of presents under it was just magical!  However, as the we grew older and moved out of the house, mom would tell me she wasn't putting up a tree and I would feel sad that she did not continue with the magic I remembered.  Now that my kids are gone I totally understand where my mom was coming from.  I'm just like her.  I have not decorated the house, inside or out, I really don't want to think about dragging out the tree.  It just seems so overwhelming.  There are no kids here anyway to make it magical.  No like in the old days.  And second, how much I miss my kids being young...and I miss the children I no longer have here on earth with me. 

I've got to finish shopping; still have stuff to do.  I'll get it done on time, though.  I always do.  Happy shopping.

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