Friday, December 30, 2011

A New Year Already

Tomorrow is new year's eve.  Wow.  I just can't believe how fast the years go by these days.  It's true, the older you get the fast time flies.  I haven't bought our Sparkling Grape Juice yet, but I might make my own this year.  I'm going to try something tomorrow.  Shhh, don't tell dd. 

Christmas Eve we went to dd's church service and we had our picture taken there.

Honestly, I think my face muscles have problems.  I feel as if I'm smiling, but it looks like I'm not.  This has got me to thinking about old pictures I see of families members who don't smile.  Maybe thy thought they were smiling, but it didn't show up in the picture. LOL  Well, tomorrow the tree comes down.  I have to find space for presents we got.  I did spend today cleaning up.  I like filling up the trash can because that means the house is getting cleaned.

The night we went to the Gaylord Center at the National Harbor dh dropped his camera and it didn't work after that.  We too it back to Best Buy to see if I bought a warranty on it and thank goodness I did.  They don't make his camera anymore so we got another brand, brand new and it's and upgrade!!  Super.  I told him not to drop this one.  I hope he listens!  Hahaha. 

Here's the one he had

Here's the one he got

Awesome.  A couple of years ago dd left her camera in her hot car and the gel inside of it melted.  Thank goodness I had bought a warranty on that because they fixed it at no cost. 

Hope  everyone has a happy new year's.

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