Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Amazing How Things Always Come Together

Here's our tree this year.  What's funny about THIS tree THIS year is that it's got decorations on it.  Normally, we do not put decorations on it anymore.  It all started when the kids were teenagers and they refused to help decorate the tree.  So I decided at that time that we'd just put the tree up (the lights were included) and plug in the tree and that would be it.  This year dh and I put the tree up together and I said don't worry about decorations.  But I was out with dd the next day and while I was out dh decorated the tree.  As I was putting presents under the tree I didn't notice at first it had ornaments on it, but started laughing when I realized what dh had done.  So, while he was on the computer I got my icicles and put those on the three. was on Christmas morning that he noticed I put icicles on it. 

But it's funny how things all fall into place even when you feel you don't have it all together.  I always forget to give the present...doesn't matter if it's their birthday or Christmas and of course, I did it again this year.  I had a present for ds that I didn't give him.  I may see him on Thursday so I will give it to them then.  We had a great time opening gifts.

Dh and his new hat

I got a 'pier' for my beach living room

DD in her safety glasses and her new tool bag

DS's blue's a towel wrap

We had ham, potato salad and other goodies for dinner.

It was a great day.....until dd went home.  At about 10:30pm someone started knocking on her door.  Her roommate is out of town and she was taking my advise; she wasn't answering the door.  Then, whoever it was went outside and was ringing her buzzer.  When she didn't respond to that she called me.  I was ready to get in my car.  Well, it ended up that the person knocking on her door was the home association's head man.  Unfortunately, the downstairs condo was having a water leak and it ended up being my dd's toilet that was leaking.  They had to call the plumber at midnight just to fix the problem until my dd can call the other plumber that they use tomorrow.  A terrible way to end Christmas, wouldn't you say? 

I'm tired so will close for now.

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