Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Container Garden and Mother's Day

I'm trying a new thing this year..container gardening.  After much consideration about where to put the garden and thinking of the weeding I'd have to do AND having to fight off groundhogs and deer, I decided to put all my 'food' in containers.  Here I have strawberries, squash and peppers.  I will take pictures tomorrow of my onions and cucumbers.  I water them every day and so far so good!!  We already eat a strawberry off the plant and it was juicy and delicious.  Oh, I hope we get some more off them. 

Tonight my son surprised me showing up and giving me some gifts.  I really didn't expect it because I told the kids not to make a big deal about Mother's Day.  I know they love me as I love them.  But still, it was nice.  My husband gave me a light set of dragon flys.  Very cute; now I have to decide where to put them!   

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