Monday, May 28, 2012

Results, Daughter, and Son

What an experience!  I'm so glad that is over.  So my results are this:  I have diverticulitis (which I knew about), and to my surprise they also went down my throat and found I have gastritis.  That might explain why my stomach hurts all the time!  The doc said there were a few places he took a biopsy from, but he did not think it was cancer.  But I have to mak an appointment to see him in two weeks.  Good news is that I don't have to have another colonoscopy for 10 years!  Isn't that awesome??  Now, anybody who's had to drink that solution...oh my gosh....awful.  I praise God that He helped me get that stuff down.  I had no gagging and mentally I prepared myself that I can do this.  The first bottle of solution I got down; near the last few swallows was hard, but I did it.  When six hours later I had to drink the next bottle of stuff, well, my mind was starting to freak out, but I ask God to help me and He did.  And it wasn't so bad.  God is good!

Daughter has has the stomach flu for the last couple of days.  When I talked to her last night she really sounded she was 'out of it' and I knew she needed someone there to help her.  She didn't know if she had a fever because she didn't have a therometer.  So I packed up some stuff and off I went to her house.  She did have a fever of 100.7.  Some Tylenol and cool rag to her head and making her drink liquids got her fever down.  Also, her condo was a little warm, so I turned down the ac a little.  Today she has been complaining of stomach issues more.  If we can just get her stomach feeling better she'll be her old self again.  After spending the night with her last night at her place, she came home with me today. 

While we were at dd's apartment, my ds called and asked us if we wanted some subs.  Awesome.  I was hungry, so he brought us some food!  Ds had bought new glasses but he was so unhappy with them as they kept slipping down his nose and he had gone back to have them adjusted, but they just couldn't get the glasses adjusted right.  I suggested he go to the mall where there's another store.  Well, they were very helpful and he found a pair of frames that were so much better; he got those and he was so happy! 

Poor dh has been home all day by himself working and doing chores around the house.  He is worn out. 

And, can you believe that I got another notice for jury duty?  I get these things every year and a half.  The last three I have been able to get a doctor's note to excuse me, but how many times can I keep doing this?  GRR!

So that's where I'm at right now.

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