Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My, That Was a Long Day...

Well, I didn't back to this blog the next day like I said, but here I am now!  Here are some other pictures of our trip:

Dh had to make an air conditioning repair in the motorhome

The motorcycle parade through town
Here's dh in the parade

Here we are at Mamasu's Pizza

The bread sticks were hand/homemade...so good!

Here's the music hall were our services were held

After the rally was over with we started for home, stopping off at the Billy Graham Library.  I would recommend this to anybody.  We really enjoyed seeing how Billy Graham started his ministry, but also toured his boyhood home. 

This is where Ruth Bell Graham is buried; Billy wll be buried next to her

Taking a break and enjoy the peacefullness of the library
We loved these bricks at the library..it looks like they are stitched together

This was basically our trip.  We so enjoyed it and dh really got some rest that he needed even though he drove the motorhome the whole time.  I'm already planning our next trip!

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