Thursday, July 7, 2011

Atlantic City, New Jersey

I have some money that my dad left me when he passed away.  I have tucked it away for retirement, but dd needed a new bedroom set last year when she moved.  The poor girl was still sleeping in the bed we bought her when she was seven years old.  Can you imagine being 24 years old and still sleeping in your childhood bed?  Well, I decided to give dd some money for her to pick out an adult bedroom set. She had fun shopping and chose beautiful furniture from Ikea.  Dd and I have never done anything really mom/daughter girlfriend getaways, so I decided to take some of that money and take dd some place special, just the two of us.  I asked her where she wanted to go and she said Atlantic City.  Of all places she picks..LOL..we do not gamble, so it's kinda weird she wanted to go there.  She wants to go to the beach and have a feeling of being rich. I've been on the internet checking out hotels and I found one, Trump Towers that advertised rooms for $49.00.  I was excited until I called them.  The lady at the Towers told me that the $49.00 was for the city view.  If I wanted the water view it was another $20.  Well, okay, that's fine...what a great price until she asked me what days I was coming in.  I told her and she said, oh, it's a different price for Friday and Saturday.  Okay, I asked how much.  It's $189 for Friday night and $218 for Saturday night.  Then add on the 14% tax and other tax such as occupancy tax and some other taxes I never heard of and we are well over $500.  How disappointing. 

Now we are trying to figure out another interesting place to go.  We were thinking about Bethany Beach...I'm gonna research that a little.  I hope we come up with something good!

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