Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Susan G. Komen and Other Stuff

Well, well, well, can we all really believe?  After many, many years and $700,000 a year in grant money SGK has decided to cut their ties with Planned Parenthood.  I can't hardly believe it.  In fact, I don't.  I think SGK is going with this publicly, but I still believe they are sneaky little mice and are doing something with PP under the table.  You don't play footsies with someone for years and sit on the board of directors then all of a sudden cut ties with them.  (Nancy Brinker, CEO of SGK has been sitting onthe board of PP for years.)  So, give me the proof, show me by your actions and then maybe I'll believe.  Can pro-life people actually believe that something major is happening this year with the pro-life movement?  I pray that's true.  It's awesome to see we are moving in the right direction with protecting unborn babies. 

On another note, my ds's car was totalled by the repair shop.  He loved his car.  He still has his police car to use, but he can't drive that out of county, so he's kinda stuck near home.  Haha...but, praise God that his car was parked and nobody got hurt.  Blessings!

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