Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have been reading blogs for a few years and it's only been recently that I started one myself.  The reason why I didn't do this sooner was because I was scared to put myself out there.  Stupid...because I'm on facebook, myspace and all anybody has to do is google your name these days and your who life's history comes up.  If somebody was out to get me I'm sure they could find me with a click of a button.  So I put that fear to rest.

I homeschooled my daughter from sixth to eighth grades, then from eleventh and twelfth grades.  I followed homeschool blogs and found other people's life interesting.  It's kinda like taking a ride in the car, exploring new neighborhoods and trying to peek into people's homes and wonder who they were and what kind of lives they lead.  I don't mean it in the criminal sense, just curious about how other people live.  Blogs give that advantage.  Back in the really old days, pioneer times, I'd say, well, maybe even later than that, families used to live together be it in the same old big farm house or on the same farms.  That's how the older people taught the younger ones and how neat to have grandma teach the grandchildren how to garden, can, make yummy food, sew, crochet, knit...I mean, that's what life was like then.  Today, so many families are separated and some in other countries that we just don't have that togetherness anymore.  I find that blogs give a sense of that, we can learn from each other.  It's sorta the peek in the window, sort of thing. 

So, thanks for the blogs.  I really do enjoy them!

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  1. Didn't realize you had a blog! Just read some of your posts, will look forward to reading more!!